River Valley Drivers Deal With Rain

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Traffic on Interstate 540 is moving even slower than it normally does with the major construction project taking place.

The River Valley  received around seven tenths of an inch of rain Monday (Oct 14th).

There's a bit of fog out so drivers are encouraged to watch their speed and distance with other vehicles.

The rain is expected to die down Monday night, but pick up again Tuesday morning around 5am.

One local driver said he's noticed a delay in traffic with the change in weather.

"You can see a couple people get antsy and you have some people that are driving very careful," said driver, Cleavon Kursh.

"It was a downpour, now it`s kind of lighting up but earlier you can tell the highway was backed up with everybody doing 20-25 mph."

Drivers are advised to take their time and keep a safe distance from other vehicles driving in rain and fog.