Property Tax Deadline Today

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Personal and real-estate property taxes are due by midnight (Oct. 15).

The taxes are paid on things like cars, boats, houses, buildings and land. If they aren't paid, some fees could be added.

"There's a late assessment fee and a penalty to be paid," Benton County Tax Collector Gloria Peterson said. "On the real estate the same thing applies, however after two years if that real estate is not paid, then by law, we have to certify it to the state of Arkansas."

Peterson said most tax statements in Benton County are sent in late April.

In Arkansas, personal property tax is paid the year after, not for the current year like many other states. Tax payers have the option of paying in increments beginning March 1.

"We can pay any amount that we want to, any time that we want to on our taxes after the tax books are open," Peterson said. "That makes it very convenient starting in March through October 15th... we can come in or mail and pay any amount that we want to."

Hope Lynch paid her taxes today, but she said that she was lucky to not be late.

"It was a miracle I found the paper this morning and looked at the date, I had no idea," she said.

Lynch said she doesn't like that the statements come so early because it is easy to forget.

County offices will be closing at the end of the business day, but it's still possible to pay by phone or online.


  • Samantha Ennis

    Yea.. funny.. The Government is shutdown but us citizens still have to pay taxes. I still think the collectors should be open to answer phone calls at a later time, because I can NOT find my parcel ID to pay on the phone. Sure I can do it online, but thing is not EVERYONE can do it.

  • hogfan

    You have “state” and “federal” mixed up…..The “state” is the one collecting personal/property taxes on Oct. 15. This has nothing to do with the “federal” shut down

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