Arkansas Offense Hoping To Break Through At Alabama

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Arkansas turned in its worst performance of the season last Saturday against South Carolina. It's one the Hogs are trying to put behind them. The offense ran just 37 plays, recorded three turnovers and threw for only 30 yards.

"You definitely want to flush it, but you also want to learn from it," said Running Back Jonathan Williams. "There's a lot of mistakes we made that we cant let continue to happen. There's a lot of things on film that we can learn from."

"We had a lot of miscues," said Quarterback Brandon Allen. "We had a few big runs turn into fumbles at the end, the interception and just a few things that hurt your offense and don't give you momentum."

While the Razorbacks must find a way to eliminate those mistakes, one of the biggest things they need to work on is how they respond when adversity strikes.

"We have got to pick it up and stick together like glue," said Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney. "Right now when things are going bad we haven't been able to turn that around. It's like teaching you just got to keep teaching the method and teaching it over and over again. Hopefully it will sink in and hopefully the kids will grasp it."

Even though the offense is in a slump right now there is still time to turn things around and finish the season strong.

"We just want to get back on track, get wins and execute when we are on the field," said Tight End Hunter Henry.

"Keep improving every single week," said Center Travis Swanson. "We are not going to have the same numbers week in and week out. I think if you just come to work every single day you're going to improve as a person and as an offense."

"Just because we've been on a downfall does not mean we can't resurrect the season," said Williams. "There is still a lot of football left to play and we are still going to play hard."

The road does not get any easier for Arkansas this week as they face No. 1 Alabama on Saturday. The Crimson Tide have dominated the Hogs in recent years winning six straight games dating back to 2007.