Bentonville’s Men’s and Women’s Tennis Aim for State Title

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Coach Nick Nersesian coaches both the men's and women's Bentonville tennis teams and that presents some obstacles

"There is a big difference between boys and girls," said coach Nick Nersesian.  "On the boys side you've got to work hard to kind of nurture them, work hard to make sure they are doing the right thing because boys will be boys at this age.  On the girls side you have to be a little more tender hearted at times, understand their needs and we do."

Truth be told, Nersesian doesn't have much of a tennis background but the players have all responded well to him.

"I know he might get a lot of grief from other coaches or other people for not being the most experienced in tennis," said senior Michael Morse.  "He comes from a very good sports background and he knows where to put people and what to do."

"You can definitely tell he has a great passion for the game," said freshman Emma Baker.  "It's been a pleasure to get to work with him, you can tell that he really cares and it's a lot of fun to hang out with him."

The Tigers have been dominant all season and the boys are looking for their fourth straight title while the girls look to bounce back from last years state loss.  Confidence is high but they know not to be cocky.

"Well we are pretty confident going into the state competition but we are definitely not over confident," said senior Dylen DeLuca.  "There are some great teams from all around the state who could give us some really tough matches and if we're not on top of it then we could definitely lose our state position, so I think we are confident but we're not too comfortable."

"I don't want to have a high confidence level because I feel like that would affect my playing ability," said junior Kendra Dinsmore.  "I feel like there is a target on our back after we won conference but we're going to get that win for state."