Slippery Sludge Has Mountainburg Motorists on Edge

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Mountainburg motorists are finding themselves in a slippery situation after the recent rain.

Drivers are concerned about a trail of sediment used to filter out a Mountainburg Lake. The unwanted trail is making a local highway slippery.

"It's just brown sludge, slick like clay,” said driver Sharrion Rogers. “It just leaves a stain on the roads."

Steve parks, Fort Smith utilities director, said the city has a private contractor who is working to remove sediment from lagoons used to hold backwash from filters at the Mountainburg Water Treatment Plant.

Rogers said the heavy rain has actually helped the unwanted sludge wash away, but with the uncertainty of rainfall, locals said driving on slick roads can be scary.

"It's dangerous. They need to figure out a different way of hauling it out and transporting it than what they’re doing," said Rogers.

"There are school buses and, of course, it could be a problem if they hit the brakes and slid," said local driver Jim Jones.

Parks said he plans to check into the situation and address any reported problems. No injuries or accidents as a result of the sludge have been reported.