Police: Woman Arrested After Fleeing From Accident

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A Fayetteville woman was arrested after she left the scene of an accident, resisted arrest and police found Oxycodone and Xanax pills, according to an arrest report.

April Pine, 24, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center Friday (Oct. 18) after the Fayetteville Police Depatment responded to an accident at Crossover and Zion.

According to a police report, Pine left the scene of the accident and officers found her at her house. However, an officer first knocked several times and no one came to the door, the report states.

Dispatch was able to call her and she told dispatch she was home. The officers saw her come out of her house, open her neighbor's garage and inside was her car, according to the report.

The report states, Pine told officers she parked it inside her neighbor's garage because she wanted him to look at the damage since he was a mechanic. According to the report, the car had the front end damage on the driver side and when she opened the car there was a very strong odor of air freshener.

Police said Pine told officers she was involved in an accident because the car in front of her stopped too fast.  She was upset and told the officer she was currently working at Arkansas Support Network and needed to go back to work, the report states.

The report states, Pine became nervous and started chewing on her keys, then on a car and held her purse tight. According to the report, Pine took out an orange pill bottle from her purse and told officers she was prescribed Xanax. When the officer asked to see it she opened the lid and grabbed pills, the report states.

The officer placed her under arrest and had to get help from another officer because she was resisting, police said.

Pine is being charged with leaving the scene of a property damage accident, tampering with physical evidence, refusal to submit arrest, careless driving, failure to provide information and obstructing government operations.