Teacher Accused of Letting Marijuana Be Grown On Property

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A Sallisaw wrestling coach has been fired, but retains his teaching job, following allegations that he let marijuana be grown on his property.

Darrel Hume admitted to 5NEWS that he knew marijuana was being grown, but says there are two sides to every story.

Hume did not go into detail, and it is unclear who was growing the drug on his property.

The school district's superintendent said the teacher has not been arrested. The Sequoyah County Detention Center has no record of Hume being booked into jail.

People in the community seemed to be surprised to hear what happened.

"Just disbelief. I would least suspect him being the one to do that," said neighbor, Adam Barber.

Sallisaw school officials said Hume was fired from his wrestling coaching duties, but is still being allowed to teach physical education at the middle school.

The school’s decision to keep Hume employed also comes as a surprise to some.

Barber said Hume should be fired from the school altogether.

"If you're doing illegal substances or have illegal substances with you, you should have all rights [of your] taken away," said Barber.

Some Sallisaw parents like Todd Long said despite the drug accusations, Hume is not only a great coach, but a role model for his son.

"He seems to be a good coach,” Long said. “My son has him for a PE class and he really enjoys having him.”

Long argues the school needs to let Hume resume his position as wrestling coach.

"My son feels very passionate about him. He likes him a lot and that's what kids need is a good coach, a good figure and role model," he said.

School administrators were unable to say for sure whether Hume will ever return as wrestling coach. It’s unclear whether he will be allowed to teach PE next school year.


  • Immortal Illumined

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!

    teaching doesn’t pay, he needs to move to a freedom state and get in the ag business…im sorry you live with no freedom

    AMERICA’S WAR ON DRUGS IS A WAR ON AMERICANS….my crew and i r ending the war

  • Eric

    Give me a break. I grew up in this area and know multiple teachers who currently smoke marijuana. Worry more about the alcoholic teachers who go out and get wasted.

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