Benton County Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting a 5-Year-Old Child

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One Benton County man is accused of sexually assaulting a child.

Police say Scottie McAnnon, of Rogers was arrested Friday (Oct. 25).

McAnnon is accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year old girl.

According to an arrest report, McAnnon admitted to investigators that he inappropriately touched the child.

The man’s bond is set at $35,000.

He’s awaiting a court appearence.


  • hogfan

    These convicted pedophiles should all be dumped on an island somewhere and they could “sort out” among themselves what happens to them. Food could be dropped by plane once a week, and they could just deal with it and anything else that came their way.. Maybe they would all eventually be extinguished.

    • NIcole

      would you all shut the fuck up. people make fucking mistakes. what if this happened to one of your family members would you be saying that? and chris you aint doing shit to my brother..

  • CP

    Ha, so Nicole it’s a mistake to touch a 5 year old child? Tell that to her parents. “Oh, I’m sorry my hand must have slipped…”

  • ashlie cates

    A mistake u gotta be fuckin kidding me right now do u realize how crazy u sound saying touching a innocent 5 year old lil girl is amistake

  • summer headley

    Touching a child is no mistake. He is obviously sick and twisted in the head. He will get what he deserves eventually.

  • brian

    nicole that might be ur brother but that was an innocent helpless little girl who could not defend for herself or much less even knew what was going on when ur piece of shit brother molested her its ppl like ur brother that deserve to be institutionalize and not able to get out and harm innocent children anymore. ur brother will feel mthe wrath of bubba when he hits lets say varner or brikeys he will be the one feeling like that little girl felt. getting that radiator hoes put in him

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