Arkansas’ Offense Looks To Get Back On Track

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The Arkansas offense has a chance to get back on track this week and to do that it's going to come down to execution. No turnovers, no mental lapses and no dropped passes.

"We are going to have to stick to what we know and that is running the ball and opening the pass and doing the little things right," said Quarterback Brandon Allen. "That's basically what our struggles have been about is the little things."

"Being consistent and doing more of the better plays and try and lessen the bad plays," said Wide Receiver Jevontee Herndon. "We have to work as a unit and just play better as a whole."

Seven of Arkansas' fourteen turnovers have come from the arm of Brandon Allen. The sophomore signal caller said that during the bye week he worked on timing and accuracy. That along with the progress the rest of the offense made in the passing game should pay huge dividends on Saturday.

"We did make good strides," said Allen. "We did a lot of good things today and last week in practice. I am expecting some good things from us."

"We definitely worked on our protections a lot more during the bye week and making him more comfortable back there," said Offensive Tackle Grady Ollison.

"Just perfecting our offense," said Herndon. "That's what we have been trying to focus on. Letting the play makers make plays in practice and hopefully that translates to the game."

Whether it is through the air or on the ground the Hogs are going to have to find a way to score. Auburn has averaged more than 45 points in its last four contests, while Arkansas has scored only 17 combined points in its last three.

"The only thing we need to focus on is getting one more point than they do," said Center Travis Swanson. "No matter what that number is."

"As an offense its on you to score enough points," said Allen. "It's on you to win the game and you help your defense out any way you can. Any time you go up against a good offense like they have, it's up to us to put up those kind of points."