Locals Shocked After Food Stamps Slashed

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Users of the food subsidy SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) will see a slash in benefits starting Friday.

Teddi Clemmons, director of the River Valley Regional Food Bank, said the cut to SNAP benefits will affect 30,000 families in the River Valley.

"It will approximately take away about 291,000 meals,” said Clemmons. “A family of four will lose $36 and an individual of just one will lose $10 out of their SNAP benefits every month."

It may not seem like much, but SNAP users like Tony Warren and Lori Cook said the news came as a shock.

"I can't really buy groceries all at once, so I have to use them day by day," said Cook.

"It’s hard to live without food,” said Warren. “That’s one of the last resources that someone homeless can get in this area."

Officials said the cut happened because the program is running out of money, and funds had to be transferred to keep the program running.

With SNAP benefits being slashed, those who use the system said they are going to have to rely on other means to put food on the table.

Warren said he is going to be making trips to Fort Smith food banks more often than normal now to get fed.

"You depend on those places to get food, clothing and stuff,” said Warren. “We are going to have to use those resources more and food stamps less."

However, Clemmons said supplies are limited.

"There are so many people coming to the pantries now. It used to be that they used them barely to get by, toward the end of the month. Now they are using the pantry as their food supply," Clemmons said.

He said the food bank probably won’t feel the impact of the SNAP cut until December or January, and the kitchen is always open for those in need.

The decision comes from a lack of government funding. Officials said the cuts will impact 47 million Americans.

Click here to read CNN's national story on the food stamp cuts.


  • nurse

    i currently work and am married and my husband works 2 jobs and still get foodstamps, not everyone on the program is unemployed. just a little fyi.

    • amused

      A lady with a job and her husband works 2 jobs..compared to a single mom with one income who does not get free food..shows how mixed up the system is…Or they are not being truthful on their application.

    • AGT C

      I work and my husband has two jobs and there is no way we qualify for food stamps.Budget, but that’s right we have the food stamp president and he doesn’t believe in budget’s.

  • Terry

    How about you have a heart. Its hard out here. People like you is the reason that there are so many unsympathetic individuals. Remember “Ye shall reap what ye sow”.

  • Steve Waldron

    I have all the brackets and bolts and screws holding my back together and still don’t get food stamps and have been eating RICE for the last 2 months just to get by. There are people that need the food stamps but should get off as soon as they can and not abuse it. I can see where the immature comment from above comes from. I wish I could go to a food bank to get food but they always say my disability pays to much, but after paying bills and mortgage there is nothing left anymore!!!

  • melissa

    I see so many people buy more than $10 even $36 worth of candy, red bull, soda using ebt. Sorry I don’t think its so bad

  • Welfare Bubba

    30,000 families in the river valley will be affected? If there are 30,000 people around here on Food Stamps then there is a major problem….

  • Ishmail Dentor

    If the ENTIRE Welfare system was purged of those who abuse it, the monies saved would allow those who NEED help get whatever they need . The system has so many people on it that could and should work that is is almost unbelievable. When you see someone on welfare pull out several EBT cards to pay for the steaks and ribs in their basket you know it is wrong. There are people on “Welfare” that get checks under several different IDs but if you tell someone in the department about it they will tell you that there is no abuse in the system and refuse to verify your facts. Been there, done that. ABUSE IS RAMPANT!!!

  • melinda

    Do you know a single person with no kids no job no home gets $200 a month for groceries. Do you also know that the program has no training for jobs no requirements to search for work no drug testing. So if they are taking $10 it is not that devastating. They may have to cut out soda but i could feed 4 kids and a husband on 300 a month. 1 person can feed their self on $190 They need to check up on recipients like house visits how many live there. I know some people live with people who are not listed on their food stamp case (boyfriends) who work. i worked with a lady that got 670 a month and she was telling people how easy it is to sell them and she did drugs and had 5 kids I have been on food stamps but is not something to stay on. I say lets drug test first and see how many jump ship that is way more cost effective. then start a volunteer team of tax payers and check these people out for real . I volunteer any one else!

  • Lacy Huff

    I am all for drug testing for those who receive the benefits, its only right since most people that work get drug tested

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