Long Lines Gather For Flu Vaccine

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More than 1,000 people lined up Friday, (Nov 1st) to take advantage of free flu shots at the Sebastian County Health Unit.  The Boggs family said they are no stranger to the flu. In fact, they said just a few months ago the swine flu infected the entire family.

"Swine flu was really bad, it felt like you got run over by a truck," said Grant Boggs.

The family of four was just one of many taking advantage of the free flu shot clinic.

Mother, Natalie Boggs said, with her family recently hitting triple digit temperatures, she's not taking any chances.

"We don't even question whether we are going to come and get the vaccination," she said.

Unit directors said if you aren’t vaccinated, you should be. In some cases the flu can even result in death.

"When you feel like you’re dead that's pretty bad,” said Health Specialist, Matthew Hicks. “It's the flu virus and we want people to be protected against it, because it still can cause death."

If you missed the free dosage there are still options available.

"They can still come into the health unit,” said Hicks. “After today they become $30 unless you have insurance, Medicaid or Medicare."

The flu season lasts through June and if you do come across the flu, Hicks said, use the three C's: cover your cough, clean any contaminated areas and contain yourself from others to prevent the flu from spreading.

But the best way to be protected is plain and simple, just get the vaccine.

The Jones Center in Springdale said they gave out 2,252 shots Friday.