BLOG: 86 Year Old Marathon Runner Dies After NYC Marathon

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Courtesy: Rachael Levy

It was Joy Johnson’s 25th New York City Marathon. She completed it with a time of 7:57:14. It would also be her last.

Johnson, a former PE teacher from San Jose, California passed away Monday, the following day after the marathon. Reports show she stumbled and hit her head around the 20th mile of the race, but continued on and finished the race.

Johnson is said to have passed in her sleep the following day with her sneakers still laced. She appeared in the crowd of “Today” show with her faced bandaged and wearing her medal. She would be found just a few hours after that in her hotel bed. Reports show Johnson died from complications of hitting her head and the blood-thinning medication she took for a minor heart flutter.

Johnson did not take up running until she was in her 60s. She is said to be the oldest runner of the New York City Marathon.

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