Passerbys Save Woman From Attacker

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Fayetteville police responded to 401 West 24th Street Tuesday night in reference to a disturbance.

According to police reports, Sabrina Hamilton said a man, who has now been identified as Christopher Corbitt, held her and her two children hostage after entering the apartment with a friend. Hamilton said Corbitt refused to leave and lodged two large kitchen knives into the door before deadbolting it.

Hamilton, who is 5 months pregnant, told police she felt like Corbitt was going to rape her because he made sexual advances by stroking himself and speaking inappropriately. At that point, Hamilton said she grabbed her two children and ran to the first bedroom where she started screaming for help.

According to reports, John Trollinger heard the screams and called for help from two passerbys. The vigilantes kicked open Hamilton’s door in an effort to help, at which point Corbitt escaped and ran away.

Police say Corbitt was found a short time later, armed with a knife and unwilling to comply with verbal commands. A taser was used to subdue the suspect, who was then arrested and eventually booked into the Washington County Detention Center.


  • John

    “Vigilantes” is a loaded term which 5news does not need to be applying to the people that helped the mother and children. From the article, it does not sound as if they took the law into their own hands; the merely rendered aid to people in need of it.

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