Daren Bobb, Keeping it Local 30 Years

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Every night on 5NEWS you see Daren Bobb delivering the day’s local news. It’s a perfect job for him, reporting on the area he loves.

“I got married a year after moving to Fort Smith and my wife and I have loved every minute of living here.  Our two children were born and raised here, went through private school here. My daughter and son spent a number of summers playing softball and baseball, each of them winning a state championship at one point. My wife is in her 29th year as a public school teacher,” said Bobb.

When you work hard doing a job you love time flies.

“When I graduated college I remember my professor telling us ‘expect to be at your first job a year then move on’. Well, that was 30 years ago and I’m still here.”

And after 30 years in Northwest Arkansas, Daren is here to stay. He said not only is this a good place to live and raise a family, but people here care about each other.

“St. Boniface church has really given us the chance to give back. We try to stay busy with church organizations like the men’s club, the school endowment board and our social justice committee. Church life here is very rewarding.”

Daren began his career at KTCS radio in 1984. He spent seven years there before coming to 5NEWS in 1991 to work in the newsroom as Executive Producer. Daren became evening anchor in 2006.

“Our roots are here, we’ve made so many friends over the years that they are more like family now. There have been times we thought about relocating, but every time it has come up, all we have to do is drive around and see what’s here and remind ourselves how good our life has been in this area.”

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