Governor’s Name Now Spelled Correctly On Monument

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The misspelling of Gov. Mike Beebe’s name etched into a Fort Smith monument has been corrected.

The governor’s name had been spelled “Bebee” on the cornerstone of the planned U.S. Marshals Museum that was unveiled over the weekend in Fort Smith.

More than 400 people attended the ceremony that included the unveiling of a large engraved rock slab. When cloth was taken off of the cornerstone, the Arkansas governor’s engraved name was revealed as “Mike Bebee”.

Museum officials noticed the mistake during Saturday’s ceremony. They said the company that supplied the stone would have the misspelling corrected this week.

The museum is being created in honor of all U.S. Marshals. Family members of a marshal killed while serving a search warrant were on-hand at the ceremony. His name, along with 250 others, is set to be etched into the museum’s Wall of Honor.

Construction is scheduled to start in September 2014.


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