Ambulance Service Owner Arrested In Domestic Abuse Case

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The owner of a local ambulance service was arrested Nov. 15 after he was abusive against his family, according to a Barling police detective.

Wesley McCabe was booked Nov. 15 into the Sebastian County Detention Center on a $1,500 bond, according to a jailer at the Sebastian County Detention Center. He was released the same day, the jailer said.

McCabe faces charges of domestic battery, interfering with emergency communications and endangering the welfare of a minor, said Det. Jerry Foley of the Barling Police Department.

McCabe was the owner of Care One EMS ambulance service in Van Buren, Foley said. He shut down the service earlier this year, he told 5NEWS in a Feb. 1 report. The service was shut down following tax problems with the state, an official with the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration told 5NEWS in February.

Foley said authorities received a complaint from a member of McCabe’s family Nov. 4, claiming he was abusive, threatened them with violence and was physically destructive around the home. Following an investigation, an arrest warrant was issued for McCabe, and he was taken into custody by authorities, Foley said.


  • Billy

    This is not news! I now know why I don’t watch 5 news! You’ve ruined a business mans reputation over a petty domestic argument! I see a lawsuit in 5 news near future.

  • Wesley C McCabe

    Dear TV5, it is shameful that you do not interview all parties involved before ruining someone’s reputation? Did you report the arresting Barling officer was a former EMT for rival ambulance services to Care One? This officer has harrassed Care One EMS since opening a station in Barling. Previously he claimed he had numerous reports by citizens of being ran off road by ambulances. When asked for dates times of those complaints so we could discipline drivers no complaints could be produced. In 20 years of marriage I have never struck my wife. My wife and I simply had a verbal argument. She called the police to ask legal advice. I am such a danger we live together for another 2 weeks then suddenly this Barling officer shows at my front door with a warrant?

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