Fort Smith Among “11 Most Miserable Cities In America,” Study Shows

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A study involving Gallup poll data found Fort Smith to be among the 11 “most miserable cities in America” earlier this year.

The study uses “well being” data that includes behavior, emotional health, physical health and work environment.

See where Fort Smith landed in the study, and read Business Insider’s take.



  • arnold fudpucker

    Must have interviewed ex-Whirpool employees. What would you expect with all the negative vibes flowing out of this area. If I were a company looking for a place to build a facility I would look for a positive community.

    • Death in Fort Smith

      Well, 1200 Whirlpool Employees crapped on by a Corporate giant who moved their jobs to Mexico so that the CEO could afford 9.5 surround in his jet airplane and not have to settle for 9.4 surround. I guess people probably wouldn’t be jumping up and down for joy!

  • hogfan

    Not surprised…nothing for kids to do, and that definitely makes parents miserable when they have to deal with this issue as well as all the other issues of adulthood.

    • Death in Fort Smith

      KID KIDS KIDS…screw the kids. I survived around this cesspool town without a waterpark…the little farts can do it to…

  • Susan Brodie

    Says the Fort ranked best in work environment, so that’s good. We do need more things to do, they are still talking about the water park, but I’d rather have a science museum with hands on stuff for kids & adults alike, how the earth was formed & dinosaurs & sea life, stuff like that. It would be a lot of fun.

    • Death in Fort Smith

      A freakin science museum? Who is going to pay for that. I guess you want me to help you pay for that with a 11% tax? And to top it off, you walk through the museum once or twice and you have seen it, that’s it. What will your kid do the other 363 days of the year?

    • Lorene

      Apparently, they didn’t have difficulties with finding a job. Must know someone. I personally think the work here is terrible.

  • Me

    I have lived here for many decades and there truly is so little to do of interest. No arts or culture to speak of and even less for children. The job market is also very blah. Very little in the way of beautification such as landscaping or any attempt to make the town less visually ugly. I would say the survey is probably accurate.

  • S

    I have to say the behavior and emotional health is probably caused by lack of anything to do around here. Our shopping is horrible and Fayetteville has more options for eating on one street than we do in the whole city and as for entertainment, it
    does not even exist in Fort Smith.

  • Phil Mccranie

    I have to work in the fort one day a week and I’m miserable the whole time. Can’t imagine being stuck there.

  • Steve Wackerly

    I was born and raised in Fort Smith and have lived in the OKC area since 1970. I go back about once a year and stil love the town, partly because of memories (my grandparents owned Slack’s Sweet Shop on Grand Ave. across from Darby) and partly because of the simplicity of life. It does seem, however that the town never came out of the 60s. I was never miserable as a kid because we made things to do. The way I see it is that you have to become involved and look for the
    gifts God offers in the community.

  • Lorene

    I was raised around Ft. Smith and moved to OKC for over 30 years. After, a divorce I moved back home. WORSE mistake of my life! I have been here now for 18 years. Before college I couldn’t get a decent job unless I knew someone or screwed someone! After college, the same! I still live here but commute to Fayetteville daily.

  • Beurownboss

    I was born in Fort Smith , and now reside in South was the best move I could have ever made in my life…culturely diverse, which FSM isn’t..When I’m feels like the only thing lacking is the horse and buggy…

  • Pavel Ryevnikow

    I am new man in Fort Smith. Boy it is terrific city. So many lovely trees and shrubs. Also the animals are quite friendly. Not like my former city. I arise with sparrow and cardinal and send greetings to each day. I no understand why that Fort Smith is said to be very miserable. My cousin likes it also. He works with cows most times. He say that Fort Smith is no miserable and I am concurrent with him. I do wish less squirrel are there though.

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