Fayetteville Schools To Add More Armed Officers

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The Fayetteville School District will soon add three more armed resource officers to assist in school safety.

The Fayetteville City Council approved adding the new officers, which is set to cost $723,494. A grant will cover $375,000, while the school district and city will split the rest of the cost, according to city documents supplied at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

Two full-time armed police officers patrol Fayetteville High School, with off-duty officers rotating between the junior high schools. The new officers are expected to work at the middle schools and the district’s alternative school.

The addition will bring the number of resource officers at Fayetteville schools toward the number of resource officers who used to work at the local schools, said Sgt. Craig Stout with the Fayetteville Police Department.

“We got hit through a hard recession. Some of the grant money dried up, so we went from eight down to two,” he said. “So we just weren’t able to provide the coverage we should.”

An added benefit is the exposure young students will have to law enforcement, said Alan Wilbourn, spokesman for Fayetteville Public Schools.

“Before we had them as young as the middle schools, so you could get that interaction with officers at a much younger age,” he said.


  • Scott Murrell

    —My question exactly! Other than greed driven scare tactics by rightwing NRA/Gun manufacturers cronies has the school become so unsafe as to warrant this? People are making money off of our paranoia and it’s not the teachers!

  • Jason Wilkerson

    To add 3 officers it costs $723,494? WHAAAAAAAT! For how long is that cost paying for and what are the costs exactly (gear, salaries, etc.)? I’m all for my children being protected in their schools but why is it that everything that is government related (state, federal, city, county) have to cost SO MUCH! Do even the smaller local governments not have someone who “shops” around and gets better pricing?

  • hogfan

    It is soooooooooo easy to walk into any school. Take a trip and visit any of the surrounding schools as I did today to one in the area when I took lunch to some elementary kids. Go in with lunch in hand. The signs are posted to check in, but when kids are already in the process of moving from their classrooms to the cafeteria, teachers attention is not on someone coming into the building. When you go to the office and check in there are kids manning the desk and adults engaged in other duties. No one is paying any attention to what is written down on the check in sheet, and no form of ID is required to be presented. Continue on into the cafeteria, nothing on my clothing indicating that I am “supposed” to be there. I was never approached, and never questioned as to who I was bringing lunch to. If this is happening in this school, I’m sure this same thing is repeated daily in all the other surrounding schools.

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