Police: Toddler Wanders Away From Day Care

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The Bentonville Police Deparatment concluded its investigation after a child was found in the roadway near SE S Street and SE 14th Street Tuesday (Nov. 19). The person who called dispatch said the child belonged at the Posh Tot Learning Academy at 2000 SE 14th Street, according to police.

The investigation determine the two and a half year old child most likely got out through an open gate in the back yard. Police said once he got out of the first gate, he went through a second one leading into a parking area just off SE S Street.

According to police, they believe the outer gate was left open after the trash was picked up that day, and the inner gate may have been unintentionally opened by children playing nearby.

Chief Jon Simpson said the police department took steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The Department of Human Services were also done after Posh Tots staff self reported the incident to their licensing representatives.

At this point, there is no evidence to support any criminal charges related to this investigation.


  • hogfan

    Another example of no one paying attention. PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONE and quit texting when you are supposed to be working…just guessing, but I see this everythere

    • G

      I agree, I think they hire young girls right out of highschool that aren’t mature enough to look after children…I think directors should carefully select who they hire, children are a lot of responsibility and need a lot of attention.

  • Ireland's Mommy

    this daycare is actually known for ONLY hiring people with degrees, not highschool students. Plus at this time of day “highschool students” would have been in school…
    I worked in daycare for 10 years and while we never had this happened i have heard of it. It’s a lot easier than you’d think. But i do know this daycare is top notch and i would have no problem sending my daughter there.

    • Lissy

      @Ireland’s mommy.. G was saying right out of high school.. not that are in high school so no they would not be at school at that time of day.. top notch or not it is still their responsibilty to watch over these kids and do as much as possible to avoid any of these situations.. we are putting our childrens live’s in these people’s hands..

  • G

    yes I agree Ireland’s mommy, at the daycare I worked at we have teachers that are on each corner of the play ground so things like this don’t happen. and don’t really know the whole story but that gate should have been locked and out of reach to the children.

  • Ireland's Mommy

    @Lissy I am fully aware it is their responsibility. Lilke I said, I worked in daycare for 10 years. But they have also said the gate he got out of was left open by the person who picked up the garbage…maybe he is to blame for all of this? I dont see anyone butchering him all over these comments…

  • hogfan

    This place needs to 1. Figure out what the problem was, 2. fix it, and 3. discipline as needed. First way to fix it is to take all cell phones away from people who are supposed to be watching the kids. I am So tired of the cell phones deterring attention from parents and others who are supposed to be care givers of children. You can’t watch kids when both eyes are glued on the phone.

  • Concerned Child Care Provider

    I am wondering where the cell phone comments are coming from. No where in this article or any other article I’ve read does it say anything about teachers using their cell phones.

    I personally know the owner of Posh Tot and a few of her employees. She has upstanding individuals working at Posh Tot and they care about each and every individual child in the center. Posh Tot is a brand new center, it has been open less than 6 months. They’ve done everything right thus far, this would be the first mistake made. Let’s focus on the fact that the child was found safe and that Posh Tot is taking precautions to make sure an incident like this doesn’t happen again. Was it a scary situation? Absolutely. However, mistakes happen all the time. No one is perfect. When you learn from mistakes, true character and integrity shines. I do not have children, but if I did, I wouldn’t have any concerns sending my child to this center.

    I am a child care provider myself, working at a different center. I may not have kids, but I deeply care for every child, not just children that are in my care and when I heard about this situation, I was scared for the child, but even more concerned for the center and the staff that worked there. When things like this happen, it weighs on the hearts of everyone involved. They are punishing themselves internally, so the bashing and false comments being made about this center and it’s employees should stop.

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