Springdale Company Expands And Adds New Jobs

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A company in Springdale's industrial park is expanding its workforce and production plant.

American Tubing, Inc., officials have decided to add 20,000 square feet to its plant to start producing a new version of its product.

The company produces copper parts used in air conditioning and refrigeration units. Now, it will start making those parts with aluminum.

The company is expecting to increase its annual payroll by $1.35 million for the 50 new jobs.

"It's actually not a new company to Springdale, they've been here since 1976, but to see a company like that, that's grounded and rooted here and has a long-term investment in the community to come in and make such a significant expansion, I think it's a big deal," Mayor Doug Sprouse said.

The Springdale Chamber of Commerce recently announced South Coast Baking Company coming to Springdale soon with 150 jobs.

"Our region is a leader in the state, but within our region, Springdale is a job creation leader," Bill Rogers, vice president of communications for the chamber said. "These are very strong times for us particularly coming out of that recession, we've hit the ground running."

Applications for a job with American Tubing are available through staffing agencies: A.S.A.P. (479) 750-2727; ONIN Staffing (479) 751-0101; or 1st Employment Staffing (479) 444-7671.

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