Sebastian County Woman To Intruders: “I’ll Blow Your Head Off”

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An elderly Midland woman was injured Thursday night (Nov. 21) after fighting off a pair of home invaders, according to the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office.

Two men wearing ski masks, black gloves and camouflage clothing entered the woman's home on Drake Loop near Highway 253 looking for prescription medication, according Sgt. Steve Cox. Authorities said the door to home was not locked.

The 70-year-old woman fought the men, at one point throwing a chair at one of the invaders, Cox said. One of the suspects struggled with the woman down the hallway while the other one went straight to the medicine cabinet, according to Cox.

"We believe the people had inside knowledge of the home," he said.

The sheriff's office said one of the men grabbed the woman and tore the collar of her shirt. She ran to the bedroom and grabbed a pistol, according to authorities.

The suspect threw the woman to the bed and got on top of her. The woman pointed her pistol at the man and both men took off with her medications, according to the sheriff's office.

The woman ran to a neighbor's house for help and called 911.

"These two men rushed me," said the victim. "One went towards my kitchen and the other one was after me. He hit me in the face. I'm bleeding on my left arm because I was fighting with him to try and get away from him to get to the bedroom to get the gun."

As the call continued, the victim described a frightening scene with the man who police say attacked her.

"I had just grabbed the gun and he said I got you right where I want you. I pointed the gun at him and I said I'll blow your head off."

Emergency crews responded to the scene and treated the woman for non-life-threatening injuries, including a gash on her arm, authorities said.

The suspects are described as white men about six feet tall with a slender build. Cox said the suspects may be driving a rust colored, smaller model truck with damage to the back fender and no license plate.

K-9 units immediately began trying to track the two suspects, authorities said. No arrests have been made. The suspects are facing aggravated burglary charged, according to Cox.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office at 479-783-1051.


  • Bob Newbold

    The bad guys only left when she got her gun. Folks have to be able to defend themselves and all these shootings,break ins and attacks only stop when someone shows up with a GUN.

  • Six

    Excellent article just one thing wrong it should say “two dead assailants killed in home invasion.” Shoot till its empty then reload and tepeat step one. Good for you maam.

    • Me

      I agree, she should have shot him. and then went after his buddy. they were on here property . They will just get away with it again and some unfortunate woman will either be raped or killed.
      We have to protect ourselves, the criminals are getting away with murder.

  • maegan

    I’m sure the intruders are following this story and i live nearby. Intruders, beware… my home is also protected.

  • Glenda Allen

    I don’t have any drugs because I am lucky and blessed by not being on any yet but, the statement the man made about she should lock her doors? well, that is true nowadays yet even if the door was not locked they had no business going in her house. Right? try getting in my door and see what happens locked or unlocked! At her and my age its possible she forgot to lock it.,………………..that still doesn’t give them a right. that is her home!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just sayin………….

  • Steve Rock

    If you are going to keep a pistol in the house for protection, WEAR IT. A pistol on the other side of the house may as well be on the other side of town when two bad guys force their way into your home.

  • duke

    folks that is why our 2nd amendment is worth fighting for or they will have the guns and we will have the grave . Get your concealed weapons permit now before it is to late . Concerned citizen in Kentucky

  • Dan Carrier

    Arkansas laws should be Written to say the Criminal that does not own or lillive there has a Duty to Retreat or suffer Lethal Force !!!

  • sammy stedman

    I agree,this day an time u never know,even if ya no tha people,its good to knock first;just to let folks no yur comin ;or that someone is there,there has been some butt munches messin around our place,they have been sneekin around outside,and sittin by our fence,and much more,when we left they came in our home an stole a bottle of meds,it was our sons meds,i keep mine locked up,people do crazy thangs when they need a fix,they are willin to do anything for it,thats why I keep my guns loaded;and in reach,you just nevr no??? I hate tha thot of havin to do that,but I have a wife an 5 kids,and yes I will protect them,so thank twice before u break in on us!!!! sorry!!

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