Teen Dies After Being Shot By Friend

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A 16-year-old boy from Panama, Okla., was pronounced dead in a Tulsa hospital Sunday (Dec. 1), after being shot by a friend Saturday (Nov. 23), according to Panama Police.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon around 2 on Pierce Road in Panama, authorities said. The victim and a 14-year-old friend were returning from a camping trip when the 14-year-old tripped, causing his gun to go off, according to Sgt. Andrew Bevil with Panama Police. The bullet struck 16-year-old Ryan Self in the neck.

"It just wasn't supposed to happen to him," said aunt, Regina Hall.

The 16-year-old was immediately taken by medical helicopter to St. Francis in Tulsa for treatment, Bevil said.

Family of Self said he wanted to be a firefighter when he graduated from Panama High School.

"He liked to hunt," said Hall. "He loved helping with the fire department. He helped them a lot, he never met a stranger."

The incident is being investigated by authorities as an accidental shooting, according to Bevil. At this time, the 14-year-old has not been arrested, and no charges have been filed, according to Panama Police. The case is being sent to the District Attorney, who will then decide if any charges will be filed, Bevil said.


  • Bob Real

    Someone forgot to UNLOAD the weapon while being transported or at least PUT THE SAFETY ON?? More people are shoot accidently by UNLOADED weapons than LOADED ones on purpose.

  • Anonymous

    Cut the kid some slack. He probably feels guilty enough without you critcizing his mistakes. Maybe he was never taught proper gun safety. Maybe he did put the safety on, but during the trek it was bumped back off. Accidents happen. Prayers to the family during their difficult time. I couldn’t imagine if something like this happened to anyone in my family.

    • Kokomo

      Slack? Did you actually say “cut him some slack?”
      He just killed his friend… how about him cutting his friend some slack, maybe?

  • hogfan

    NEVER TAUGHT PROPER GUN SAFETY????? To get a hunting license you have to take a course. Oh wait, are you saying he did not have a license? Holy Mother of God….where are the parents???? This child is not an adult yet!!!!

  • Joe Seijo

    The old “I tripped and the gun went off” excuse.

    “It just wasn’t supposed to happen to him,” said aunt, Regina Hall.

    I guess it was supposed to happen to others that have been accidentally shot?

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