Road Departments On Standby For Winter Weather

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After early morning rains caused several crashes and slowed down traffic, road officials were prepared Monday night, just in case winter weather rolled in late at night or into the next day.

City and county road departments in the area were on standby, also keeping in contact with police, as well as emergency services, to coordinate response efforts.

Donnie Coleman with the Washington County Road Department said crews weren't pre-treating the roads. He said the department had six chip trucks hauling a mixture to keep roads from becoming slick.  The department also had 10 plow trucks ready in case of more precipitation.

Jeff Coleman with the Fayetteville Road Department said workers were on call and always make sure they have enough equipment and upgrades for any winter weather event.

The Benton County Road Department had 12 trucks out treating bridges in the western part of the county after slick surfaces were reported. Terry Nalley, administrator for public services, said crews were spreading a salt and sand mixture and were also on standby.

"We've got all of our crews sent home to where they can rest in case there's something tonight," Nalley said. "We've got our trucks ready to go. They are in the barns keeping warm to where they are ready to start if we have an event."