Police: Dog Bites Barling 2 Year Old In The Face

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A Barling toddler was hospitalized Thursday night after being bitten in the face by a Mastiff dog, according to local police.

Police said the 80-pound dog bit a two-year-old child inside the home at 201 13th St. in Barling. The toddler was taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith, according to the Barling Police Department.

The child suffered injuries to his face and neck, believed by police to be non-life-threatening.

Police said the Mastiff had not had any prior incidents and has been ordered to be quarantined for 10 days.


  • hogfan

    Why do people keep taking chances with small children and dogs? If there is even a remote possibility of something happening you need to choose your child over the dog.

    • dogfriend

      hogfan, i have a pointer/pit mix and trust her with any child. that does NOT mean she will like being pulled on or bit by a unknowing toddler. wake up and dogs and children, before you condemn a possible innocent.

  • Junior

    I agree with you Hogfan!! Why would anyone want to take any sort of chance. In fact I wonder about people that raise children and animals in the same room. I do not believe it was intended that way.

  • Robert Barrett

    Babies and toddlers and dogs don’t mix. It’s not fair to the dogs to expect them to not feel pain and want to stop that pain by the only way they know and that’s to bite. I have seen babies and toddlers pull hair viciously out of the dog and pick up cats by the head or tail only. That hurts the animal. If someone pulled your hair as hard as they could you would push them away very hard.

    • sweet nothing

      I call BS on all of you have a problem with kids and dogs not needing to be together and that you think they do not mix. How do you think people learn how to be around animals. Accidents happen you crazy fools! Do people a favor and quit being so rude and inconsiderate…

  • tabitha

    look i know the family so yall just need to go on with ur comments and not worry about what happend the baby is well tooken care of and the dog was like her best friend and he turned its not the babies fault

    • happyme

      @tabitha No one is saying that it was the baby’s fault. Common sense SHOULD BE to watch the baby/toddler when there is a dog! Pure and simple!! Don’t get offended. That isn’t going to help the situation. Learn from it and TEACH the family to be more careful! A dog is a dog is a dog. A dog does what a dog would do to another dog when left to his own vices. Same for a child! They MUST be watched!

      • sweet nothing

        The family goes over and beyond for the children and you don’t know the whole story and I can tell you do not have any children because if you really did you know that it takes a split second for an accident to happen. Don’t judge people when you do not know the whole story and was not there and do not know the family and how there children and pets are raised!

        Goodness people… don’t ever live on a farm… and don’t let your kids clean or go outside or don’t put them in time out and make sure that if for some odd reason you may have to use the restroom for just a second, or cook or anything at all because heaven knows what could happen for the 1 simple second you take your eye off of them to do something simple…

        Don’t forget …. DON’T BLINK!!!!!

    • Harvie Nichols

      Mark Smith makes an assumption that Tabitha is a product of the Arkanses education system. He likely doesn’t have any background about whether she ever attended a day of school in Arkansas. What about all the well written comments? Where did they go to school. Don’t let a personal agenda cause you to make incorrect statements.

      • Mark Smith

        I see Harvie, in your statement you too make an assumption – that Tabitha was not educated in Arkansas. Well, well. This is a prime example of the value as to never assume because it makes an as% out of u and me. However, the poor use of English exemplifies many in the community and reflects Arkansas’ poor education system (45th to 49th in the US dependingon which stat you look at). At least I have a worthy cause – to bring to light the deficit so that it might be addressed. You on the other hand will defend the status quo which reflects a level of ignorance that has propagated the problem for so long, as well spoken as it may have been. Your part of the problem. Face reality.

  • mcdaniel

    I have a great dane the sweet dog i ever seen i would trust her with my children anyday it not the animal it how you raised them i set and pull her ears her tail she never dose and thing it how you raised them up from puppy and there age older dog has no tolerance for people i been around dog my whole life the older the dog the less it want you to touch it learn about dog before yoy comments please

    • AGT C

      I agree.Older dog’s have way more aches and pain’s and they do not show pain like human’s so snapping is the only language they know to say don’t do that.

  • Renelle Tidball Pickard

    It does not matter if you raised a dog from a pup, dogs have bad days just like we do. I was raised around Great Danes and yes they are the sweetest dogs but I would still never leave any young children around one without supervision. It is common sense. However, the story does not say the child was left alone with the dog so noone knows the story so let’s not make harsh judgements. Dog owners do need to be responsible, doesn’t matter what the breed, dogs react and the results can be devasting.

  • exactly

    This is a prime example of our wonderful media. The toddler was female and and the whole incident was an accident the mastiff is protective by nature and was awakened by being fell on. Common sense applies your going to come up swinging. This just happens to be a terrible accident with a lack of training for the dog and owners for handling alpha gene dogs.

  • AGT C

    I raised kid’s and dogs together.I own a chihuahua and a big dog..I always assume that my dog could bite either by accident or from protectiveness.I have only had one incident and that is when my child walked up behind my dog while sleeping and poked my dog in the behind with a stick.I do not believe in dog’s turning because I owned a Doby for 12 year’s and she never bit anybody even though everybody said do not own a Doby they turn, bull.Owner’s make the animal not the breed.

    • Mark Smith

      Wrong agt. Aggressive breeds are well documented. Doberman’s have been depicted in many movies as vicious guard dogs because many were trained for their aggressive appearance.

      • AGT C

        I owned the dog for 12 years I know she wasn’t mean.The owner is the main reason a dog is mean.You can document all the bull you want but owner’s make the dog.Bad owner’s, bad dog. If you have a large breed and small children never leave them alone together for the safety of child and dog.Any breed can be mean my chihuahua will put anybody on the run because he is protective of my children.Breed profiling is dog racism.

      • Mark Smith

        Agt. Wrong. Just because you make a claim does not make it true. Research, get educated and for God’s sake, Crack a book.

  • exactly

    Considering this is a very informal discussion, colloquialisms are to be expected. I thank you for correcting my inproper tense of “fall” I’m glad you can critique the general population on their gramatical skills. One can only say time will be the lesson of a humble being.

    • Mark Smith

      Exactly… so your accusing me of judging others? Your accusation is and of itself an accusation! Of course your lack of education is consistent with your inconsistency. Crack a book!

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