River Valley Shopping Frenzy

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It’s Thanksgiving night, but instead of lounging on the couch after a holiday meal, many are taking to local stores in the River Valley to snag some deals.

Shoppers across the River Valley dropped big bucks at the Fort Smith Pavilion Shopping Center (Nov.28).

“The line went around the building, so I would say close to 1,000 people,” said Best Buy manager, Eric Bunzel.

As the shopping continued through the night, shoppers like Lamanda Broyles said she knew exactly what she was going to purchase.

“I came and got a Nikon camera for my husband for Christmas,” she said. “We have a 14-month- old daughter, so we need it to take lots of pictures of her.”

Aaron Weaver said he plans his year around the night before Black Friday. As the doors opened, he said it was an adrenaline rush.

“Absolutely, each place is its own little battle field,” he said.

Best Buy officials said they will be open all night and into tomorrow.

Employees said they expect even more customers to head their way as the holiday season continues.


  • jon

    I am so glad we have a day in this country where we can be thankful for what we have and really take stake in what matters, our family and friends… then throw that all away the very next day buying stuff we don’t need simply because “its a great deal!”

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