Mom Of Kids Killed In Shotgun Attack Speaks Out

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The day after her father allegedly shot and killed her boyfriend and two children, a Crawford County woman spoke out about the shotgun slayings, saying she would give anything to have her family back.

"They meant the world to me. I always wanted a little girl with blond hair and blue eyes. She was Mommy's mini-me. My son had blue eyes," said Ashley Adams, the mother of the four-year-old girl and four-month-old boy who were gunned down in the yard of a house just north of Alma on Tuesday. "Anybody who would have met them would've fallen in love with them."

A grandfather killed his two young grandchildren and his daughter's boyfriend with a shotgun Tuesday afternoon in Crawford County before turning the gun on himself, according to Sheriff Ron Brown.

New details released Wednesday by the sheriff indicate the shooter stalked his daughter and two grandchildren after killing his infant grandson in the home's front yard, Brown said.

The victims were identified by the sheriff as Michael Williams, 31, Kierra Adams, 4, and Chastyn Williams, four months.

County deputies responded shortly before 3 p.m. to the deadly shooting at a house just north of Alma on Old Rudy Road, according to the Crawford County Sheriff's Office. One of the four reported dead is the shooter, identified as Tim Adams, Brown said.

The suspected shooter "spoke briefly with the deputies. And there was a gunshot, and he was deceased," the sheriff said. "I believe this is the grandfather to the children, and it's going to be some type of domestic incident."

The home at 2127 Old Rudy Road belongs to Tim and Regina Adams, according to county property records. That address also is the listed address of Adams Roofing, according to public directories and the company's Facebook page.

The shooting started as a domestic disturbance at the home on Old Rudy Road, Brown said. State police are assisting local authorities in the investigation, said Bill Sadler, state police public information officer.

Adams and his daughter Ashley were in the house arguing over her 4 p.m. court date. Adams asked Ashley where she planned to keep the children during the court appearance, and she responded they would stay with her boyfriend, Michael Williams, in the car, Brown said.

Adams became angry and walked to the car in the front yard and confronted Williams. That's when deputies said Adams shot and killed his daughter's boyfriend. Adams then walked around to the driver's side of the vehicle, Brown said.

"Then we believe after that is when he shot the four month old in the car seat," Brown said.

The woman grabbed the boy who was shot and fled to the house, along with her 4-year-old daughter. Adams chased them into the house, firing and missing with the shotgun, the sheriff said.

The woman, her shot infant, the four-year-old daughter and a separate three-year-old daughter escaped through the back of the house into the backyard. Brown said Adams stalked the family and shot the four-year-old girl in the back, killing her.

Ashley pleaded with her father not to kill the three year old, after which deputies arrived on scene, according to the sheriff.

"He kind of had his back to the deputy," Brown said. "He put the telephone down, and when he turned around, he had a long gun, which turned out to be a shotgun in his hand. The Adams subject shot himself."

Adams' daughter was unharmed in the shooting. The three-year-old girl at the scene was also uninjured.

The news of the shooting quickly traveled through the nearby Alma community, where residents said the situation left them surprised.

The Julian family recently moved to Alma for its school district.

"Very residential around here. It's all residential area, mostly children," said Rebecca Julian. "It's very children-oriented. For something like that to happen, it's enough to shock anybody."

An account to offset funeral costs has been set up at Allied Bank under the name Ashley Adams. If you would like to donate, stop by your local branch.


  • Jared

    its just about 3000 feet, on old rudy after you go under the 540 interstate bridge, and i was wondering what was going on after seeing sheriff and what looked like swat vehicles rushing by my house.

  • Shawnta0520

    Plenty of people kill other people without guns. It could have easily been a knife or bomb. Just saying its not right to use a tragidy like this in your gun-control rants. Not the time or place.

  • Steve

    Sarah,more than double the people are killed by knives than guns each year per FBI statistics. Do some research and quit making yourself look stupid.

    • Elaphas Maximus

      Steve, you will never convince a liberal fanatic of any facts you may have. They will deny anything and everything that is true just to advance their agendas. You cannot reason with them.

    • Mark Smith

      Steve and Elaph – you again are walking contradictions wherevyou make unfactual claims out of emotion rather than good sense. This something you claim liberals do – that you can’t reason with them. I won’t try with either you. You can’t fix stupid.

    • Tonya

      Sarah, does it state how many if those killed by firearms, is by the hands of law enforcement? Do you realize that total is in that statistic as well? Or are we going to try to make up another liberal based excuse?

      Look at John Wayne Gacy, what was his weapon of choice? Lets be realistic, GUNS don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people. I can lay a gun on the table and I promise you, it will not shoot anyone. Not to mention, 99% of your murders committed are not by LEGALLY purchased firearms. You can not punish a group as a whole, for one persons actions. What is the statistics on deaths caused my motor vehicle accidents? So let’s outlaw automobiles, right? Clean out the cob webs. You are not making a valid argument.

    • Ereck

      Currently about 87% of people drive personal vehicles to work with nearly 77% of those driving alone. In 2005 a study showed that only 4.7% of the workforce uses public transit. If you outlaw personal vehicles the majority of those 87% are still going to go to work they’ll just use one of the other methods available. Not to imply that the workforce is like a band of murderers that would be rediculous but it simply demonstrates the obvious patern of people in general. People work because they have to, it is the right thing to do.

      Right now guns may be behind the majority of murders in the U.S. but if you take guns away those who are capable of murder will just use the other methods available. Unlawful killers kill because in that moment their twisted minds conceive it it the only option, they have to and cannot handle the situation any other way. Those who fall short or are stopped are stopped by either a superior force, or they weren’t going to kill in that moment anyway.

      It is un American to propose that the rights of the innocent be infringed because of the guilty and even worse when the proposition will do nothing to deter the problem.

  • h2pd

    You can’t reason with liberals statistics mean nothing to them. This is a tragedy not a platform for liberal agenda. Tragedies happen crime happens but using them to push agenda is wrong. The truth is banning guns only punishes the law bidding citizen not the criminal cause laws mean nothing to criminals.

    • Smiles

      Pointing out the obvious problems with guns is a fact, not an agenda. So please stop screeching the minute another person goes mental and quickly creates a lifelong tragedy Get a clue. Just one. Blessings to the surviving daughter. Whose life was changed forever in a horrifying nightmare she will relive forever.

      • h2pd

        You don’t get it do you. I was referring to a comment based on if there where no guns this wouldn’t happen. When you put it like that it becomes an agenda placing the blame on the guns. It is a tragedy one that can never be changed but to have a knee jerk reaction and holler we need more gun laws thats wrong and screeching I beg your pardon this was all started by a anti gun comment so I wasn’t “screeching” I was voicing my beliefs also. So I got a clue I will let you borrow when you need a clue.

  • Sarah

    I refuse to debate gun law with anyone else. Lock your guns, lock your ammo and teach gun safety if you have weapons in the home.

      • Laura

        Well said. These people need to find a different site to preach about gun control. If you dont like them dont buy one leave the rest of us alone. I will keep my guns to protect my family. God bless those precious little babies.

      • lesaknox

        You know what the fact with guns is you liberals alwayse want to spout the statistics, which include a rainbow assortment of guns they should break those statistics down when they spout and declair how many registered gun owners killed with their gun versus illegally obtained gun owners that murdered people. the point also has been completly overlooked here is that little number that would fractionalize how many lives a gun saved this year. How many lives were protected by a gun. I can tell you the answer without giving you a number its every living soul in the USA. Your lives are protected by the guns our military, officers, and neighbors. Liberals, please wear a button so that should I come upon your wife, or child being attacked or you being rapped in an ally, I will be sure to leave my gun checked in the holster, and not bother protecting you with it…or if i were available with my gun and your daughter was being rapped…would you want me to take that gun out and save your daughters life. With your standards you are essentially saying that you would prefer me walk on by. Guns save way more lives than they take. So please change the signiture of your comments to “If I or my family is being rapped or murder, please to not attempt to intervene with your gun, as we are liberal anti gun fanatics that would rather have our wives and daughters raped and murdered than to be defended by any of you insaine people with guns”.

    • Kristi

      Sarah, most people who own guns know gun safety and teach it to any and everyone in their home.. Guns were used and are used by our Military to gain , defend and preserve our freedom. I am sure that if you dug into your family tree , as with ALL Americans you will find that some of your Ancestors not only owned guns but used them on a regular bases to not only feed their family’s, but to DEFEND AND PROTECT them also! This tragic story was no place for anyone to start this debated on guns! Two innocent little lives were taken before their lives truly began, and two Men loved by their family’s are also gone. None of us know what brought this on, none of us know why the Grandfather made the choices he did, but we do know that there is loss here! It matters not what the “weapon of choice” was, what matters is a mother has lost her two babies after having the joy experienced with the miracle of their birth. I am sure that even the family has questions that they will never get answered as to the reasons why. So instead of a debate about GUNS Why don’t you do a few things, #1 show some respect for this family, #2 Give them your sympathy, #3 Thank your lucky stars it wasn’t/isn’t your family, and last but not least #4 hope like heck you NEVER have to defend or protect your home, your loved ones or yourself! ADAMS FAMILY I AM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS!

    • Phyllis Cooper

      Sarah, I appreciate your comment. My youngest brother was killed at the age of 12 by a 14 year old who found his father’s unsecured revolver. One shot severed the main artery in his brain and he was gone. His death could have been prevented and nothing will ever bring him back.

  • jennifer

    he coyld have jusr as easily got a knife from the kitchen. I will have a gun to protect me and my kids. From poeple like that. I have had a gun in my bedroom for 6month in the safe. It hasnt jumped out and killed anyone yet. So i think im safe

  • Nikki

    Seriously!! Arguing over gun laws on a sad story about a family who is just lost people THEY loved during the holidays at that… Pray for them… Ask if you can do something to help them! Show your support, keep you arguments on FB or some other stupid social network.. We should join together and support a community who is going to deal with this.. Our children ride buses with these kids.. I live right down the road from this family.. My kids are effected by this!! So keep you political views to yourself.. Pray for the people who are effected and in need at this time..

  • Brandi

    Well no kidding Sarah.. But the psychotic idiots in the world could have completed gun safety courses their entire life and still kill a person intentionally. It’s not the guns. If guns didn’t exist to the public, this crazed man could have beaten them to death with a cinder block, or strangled them, or drowned them… Do we wanna cut off the human race’s hands and ban water too?

  • Lynn

    Think about these parents people ! Watch wt you say ! This could very well be anyone of us ! pray for this family

    • Paula

      Lynn it’s just the usual bunch of jerks on here spouting off because they think it makes them sound intelligent. I had quit coming out here and reading because they always get off on gun control or some other subject. You can break a toe and it’s somehow about gun control.
      They need to think of the family and these kids instead of talking about all of their BS. They need to get a life.

      • Sarah

        Your last sentence about getting a life is inappropriate. The facts remain because of a firearm, four people are no longer breathing.

        Firearm supporters comparing guns to disparate objects — cars, for example, to exclaim (with palm to head, as if this is exactly what is being proposed) — cars kill people, so I guess we should just restrict cars! It is not hard to point out this failure of logic. Nobody fires a gun to get to school, to take their grandmother to a doctor’s appointment, or to help a neighbor get to their job, and inadvertently ends up blowing somebody’s head off. The release of a gun’s trigger has no additional function other than causing harm.

        Stick to facts. This horrific shooting could have been prevented. Lock up weapons for safety sake.

  • debbie

    May God put his loving arms around the parents of the children’s parents. I cants image being without my kids or my parents. This has to be hard to understand why … So lets all stop debating over guns and all come together and pray for this family. This is a hard time they are really in need of pray take a few minutes and lift your hand or a few minutes of quite time and pray for them. God is good

  • tj

    that arguement aside,,,the ones most likely to enter your home with no regard for you are most often NOT,,because of your right to keep and bare and defend your family,,,if you dont like guns,,and fear them,,,do not allow them in your home,,but those who choose to keep them are the ones who are keeping you safe,,,,chit is going to happen with guns,,,but u take them out of our society and its kinda like open season for those who have no regard for people and or your family or property,,,that fear of what they might encounter,,is greater than the law,,if the guns were “outlawed” they would never leave the streets, to argue takeing them away is asking for the ruthlessness that thos who seem to want ridd of them fear to begin with,,seems logical in theory,,,kinda like communism,,,but the human factor has to be considered,,,so to me,,,those who want to ban guns legally,,are those who are not looking far enough ahead,,,im not bashing those,,just my veiw.

  • Mac

    Lord, please be with this Family and forgive us when we don’t see what is most important. Life and Souls!!!!! Thank you for allowing us to live in a country that allows us to express our freedom of speech but give us the wisdom when to use it.

  • kristin

    I need answers….The other adult shot was the 4 month Olds father who I was friends with and im sitting in ny heavy hearted and want to know why was is necessary to take these lives

  • m ballar

    Can not even imagine the pain that is associated with such a tragedy. My heart goes out to the family…prayers for strength to the family…especially mom. Nothing anyone says or does can make this pain any less intense.

  • Paula Dickerson

    i pray peace and grace and strength and rest for today and the days ahead. Precious lives were lost today and hearts shattered.

  • Stephanie

    This is lot the time or the place for all the bs….. I could imagine losing my two kids, my boyfriend, and my dad all in one day. She need all love and support she can get right now… my prayers go out to that family and all the ppeople that knew them. I love you Ashley Adams keep strong…

  • Jessica

    I was a neighbor to Ashley Adams and her kids she was a great mother.All of you who are making comments need to stop with the bad comments because you did not know them like my family did.I have two children who played with her kids everyday they were like family to us.So please stop with the bad comments.

  • Jay W. Walker

    who cares If and why people need or not need a gun? 4 people are dead after all. Look at that mother who lost 2 kids, a boyfriend and a dad. She will have to live with this the rest of her life and will blame. herself the rest of her life. don’t fight on why he should or should not have a gun. The guy did all this with his hunting gun.

  • Mark Smith

    Pride somehow figures into this.. lost his business? Wife announce divorce. Young family moving away? Perhaps he was going to be served. Whatever it was he put his issues ahead of everyone else’s lives

  • Eagle

    Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. Give your kids an extra hug and kiss and be thankful they are safe, that is what the first responder community is doing after this tragedy, Praying for this poor family and being thankful for our own. I pray that God is with this family comforting them and guiding them through this horrible time in their lives. May the community leave their differences behind and come together around this family and support them.

  • Rog

    Let’s point the blame in the right direction. Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy. Our society does not have a gun issue it has a spiritual issue. We need to get back to the basics of life.

    • AGT C

      I agree Rog.It’s not the weapon used it is about Satan taking over and controlling minds.Wake up people!!!!God Bless this family.I knew these people a long time ago and they were good people.

  • BevAnn

    Is the grandmother still alive? If so, was she home? No reason, just curious…trying to figure out what set the grandfather off. So so very sad. I can understand IF maybe the grandad didn’t like the bf or something…but the kids. The baby. Why them?? They did not do anything at all to harm anyone. I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

    To all the survivors, family and friends I pray for you during this most difficult time. My heart goes out to you.

    • Mark Smith

      Your saying you’re ok with him murdering the son but not the children? Really? Murder is murder although I do believe murdering children is by far worse.

  • Jason Baxter

    Did they say this was Adams Roofing? The guy that runs that company is a crook anyway. Not surprised to see something like this. I think he has a nephew that works for him as well. I’m sure he will continue with the family business. Just know what you’re getting into when you deal with these people. They shouldn’t be allowed to work when they steal money from people. That is probably how this got started in the first place. I live down the road from these people and there is nothing but problems. I hate to see this because if the children. God be with their souls!!!

    • Rog

      Jason Baxter I’m not sure why you would say such a thing about someone during a time like this. I have had Tim do many roofs for me over the past 10 years. He was one of the nicest people I know. He has never done me wrong on a job. He actually went over and above what he was suppose to do. What Tim has done is not his character and it is devastating to hear of this. We are not to judge.

  • jessica bentley

    My heart goes out to the admas family i can’t magin wat yall are going threw am so sorry that this happen to your famliyadams just stay stroyou got friends and family around that are there going to help u threw am so sorry ashley

  • christy

    you people are crazy quit arguing about gun control or that this and that is right…it is all nothing but each persons opinion..we all have one and are entitled..this is a tragedy..get over yourselves all these people need are prayers sent their way….we all know how sad and pathetic this is…we do not need to be talking nonsense because someone believes differently than you

  • John

    This is so sad.

    No one deserves to be killed like this especially two babies.

    This is devastating and hard to even believe.

    I hope the surviving family member(Mother) is able to find some
    Peace and comfort in knowing that we are all grieving with her.

    This is beyond words and makes me sick.


    Now the survivors will question their actions for the rest of their lives, those poor dears. Related: We need sane gun laws – and sane people with guns, not insane people with guns. The Second Amendment doesn’t give anyone the right to bear arms against family members. Also, people have a constitutional right to be free from terror. This is beyond cowardly. Blessings to those poor people.

  • Deb

    “It is unknown if the shooting was race-related. Ashley’s boyfriend and four-month-old son were African-American, while the rest of the family was Caucasian.”

    OK so the 4year old that was shot and killed was Caucasian. THAT should tell you it was NOT race related. WHY throw that into the mix just to add fuel to a already sad situation?

  • Cmntr

    BACK to the REAL subject…I feel for the mother of the three year old. Can you imagine the heartache and stress she is under. It’s absolutely ridiculous for someone to do what he did. He is scum of the earth.

  • Lucy Warner

    Really! Shame on your news organization for interviewing a grieving mother who just lost her children, partner and father. Leave

    her alone for goodness sakes. Made me sick to my stomach!

    • Kathy

      They didn’t just interview her, but rather stalked her. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Sometimes the latest-breaking news should not come at the expense of heartbreak. Let the families contact you if they want to share their story. Give them time to grieve.

  • Jessica

    People you don’t know anything stop it. You did not know the family . And to the one’s who don’t think guns are bad your freaking stupid. That family did not do anything wrong to have their babies taken away

  • Lindsey

    Most of the comments here make me sick to my stomach. Please pray for the family and help if you can. Leave the dumb comments off of her.

  • Katie

    This is a tragedy. Ashley know that our family and our church is praying for strength and comfort that only God can give. God bless those precious babies!

  • Megan

    I’m sickens by some if your lack of respect and sympathy! For those that are compassionate and have been praying, thank u! And please continue to do so. Ashley is a dear friend of mine, and she needs all the love, support, and prayers she can get! I can’t imagine the sorrows she is feeling!! My heart is literally aching for her! Those sweet babies didn’t deserve that, nobody does! Until you are a mother yourself you’ll never understand the love you hold for your children, and to have that ripped away from you in an instant. Life as she knows it will never be the same. So stop being so simple minded and disrespectful please and show some compassion! When u lay down to night thank The Lord you still have ur family and pray for her twice as hard for strength to overcome this horrific tragedy! Nobody can bring them back, and nobody can understand the pain, agony, and confusion she’s going through. I’m sure she has many unanswered questions as to why this has happened to her! God has a plan behind everything he does. Sometimes we as humans can’t make sense of it. I’ve called my eyes out and asked him why many times myself. But one thing for sure those babies both of them princess kierra and sweet baby chaysten are in heaven with god himself and all the glory and bliss surrounded by Angels! Ashley has three guardian angels that will forever be protecting her and giving her strength to contine. Lift her up as a immunity with heavily prayers and positive ways of thinking. Put yourself in her shoes… Just the thought of it makes me cringe! So please please please be tasteful and respectful and pray for her situation more than you talk about it… Kiss your own children extra good and if you truly care and want to help PRAY and any donations or contributions to be made towards the memorial funds for her lost loved ones would be greatly appreciated! She can use all the help, love, and support she can get!

  • amanda

    How about all of u just be quiet and stop all of yall’s arguing, gun bs, & your immature stupid comments on the whole thing… im sure this family dont wanna hear it all… Just let this family grieve and be in mourning in peace, Without having to see all of these smart*** comments u guys are ridiculous !! Just put your selves in there shoes… Let these 4 human beings rest in peace!!! ::to the familt im so sorry for yall’s losses… May god be with u guys!!!!

    • Stacy

      The latest report I read is that the grandfather shot the boyfriend and the 4 month old because he believed the boyfriend was the devil and the child was the devil’s son…, yes…..religious extremism does play a role in his actions.

  • Sarah

    Again, if you have weapons please put them under lock and key. Research in Arkansas shows many children accidentally killed by family or friends, and of course some are intentional slayings. At any time someone can snap and their judgment is not rational as in this case. Easily accessible firearms is a common mistake in the home. Ask your police officers, local sheriff’s office their opinion on firearm safety.
    Also the names you have called me are appalling. Are you the representatives of Child Safety, Christianity, Conservatism? If so, Lord help us all.

  • Darwin

    I think what repulses me, besides the obvious violence, is that 5 NEWS felt that they needed to talk to this lady only hours after the tragedy.

    Is this something we needed to see? Is it news that shes grieving?

    I just don’t think this was done in good taste and extremely poor “journalism”.

  • Stacy

    I can’t help but notice that the liberals present far more intelligent and grammatically correct arguments.

    I was raised in this state, around guns. I learned to shoot at the age of 7. I’ve no problem with guns, but I fail to understand why conservatives insist that it is a violation of their rights to undergo a background check or to be licensed to purchase a firearm.

    A bill just passed the senate in this state to BAN certain types of body art. BODY ART, people…..tattoos, piercings, implants.

    Seriously? Banning body art, something that harms NO ONE, is perfectly acceptable, but requiring people to take and pass a firearm safety course, to become licensed to own/carry a weapon….that is unconstitutional?

    I support the constitution and the second amendment…..even as a “liberal”……but I can promise you, if some nutcase shoots MY child and any one of you trigger happy rednecks were to start preaching at me about the second amendment, I would drop you like a bad habit and I’d do it with my bare hands.

    I see far more conservatives spouting off their same old tire arguments about “guns don’t kill people” after a tragedy like this than I do liberals spouting off about gun control.

    Yes, people can kill with knives, fists or even rocks, but I’m quite positive that if I were out jogging some night and someone attacked me with a knife, I’d have a far better chance of fighting him/her off and surviving than if he/she attacked me with a gun.

    • Mark Smith

      Stacey, most conservatives are for reasonable gun control (licensing, background checks). You need to get your facts right. Those that are uneducated that claim to be conservative by no means represent the average conservative. There are many (too many) uneducated people in Arkansas. I wish the people of the state would stop the cycle of ignorance by attending more school and stop valueing sports over education. The time for the y’alls has to give way to proper English and becoming grand parents in your 50’s (not 30’s or early 40’s).

  • General

    This story doesn’t add up. I really don’t hope we find out the mother was involved here (sorry) but it does not add up. So many contradictions I do not even know where to start.

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