Rogers Couple Escapes Before Vehicle Bursts Into Flames

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A normal trip to a gas station turned upside down.

"It's just totaled, gone," said Lila King. "I mean the whole front of the car is melted."

King and her husband stopped to get gas at Tobo's 66 on their way back from Nashville to their home in Rogers. She remembers hearing three pops and then the vehicle went up in flames.

"To see it burn like that and not have a clue as to why it would do that was hard to take," said King.

While King felt an attachment to her car, she realizes how lucky she is to be alive.

"After the fact I get to thinking about it," said King. "I think how easily that could have just blown up with me sitting in it and my husband sitting in it. How easily that could have happened."

King's daughters had been telling her to get a new car for a while.

"They said maybe this is the only way," said King. "That car knew you were never going to give it up, so it just had to go out in a blaze of glory. Go out in a blaze of glory and now you are forced to get a new car."

Police say the car was totaled, but nobody was hurt. On top of that none of the couple's luggage or clothing was burned up in the fire.

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  • John

    They are lucky that the car blew up while parked instead of going 75mph down the interstate. They are also lucky that the gas pumps didn’t explode.

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