Nearly 6,000 Homes Still Without Power Sunday

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About 5,700 homes in the 5NEWS viewing area were without power Sunday morning (Dec. 8) after ice and snow pummeled the region.

Arkansas Valley Electric: 4,503 homes were without power, with the majority of the outages occurring in Waldron, Booneville, Greenwood and Clarksville.

OG&E: 250 homes were without power. All are reported in the Fort Smith area.

Swepco: 1,098 homes were without power, with the large majority of the outages being reported in Sebastian County.

Ozark Electric: Not reporting any outages as of Sunday morning.

Power companies said their crews had a very hard time restoring power overnight due to limbs and tress covered with ice and snow making contact impossible with lines in some areas.

Stay with 5NEWS for all your latest weather coverage, as the snowy and slick conditions continue throughout the day.


  • Sam A

    Maybe we can find out why Arkansas Vally don’t have any phone service to even report outage. Also when you do find someone they say well you have to under stand just because you don’t see then it don’t mean their not somewhere in the state. I don’t care about somewhere if I have to pay the highest for electricity I want the higher service

  • Suzanna Hibbard

    My kids an grandchild live in Waldron an have no electricity along with the rest is there any assistance from Red Cross/FEMA/army corp of engineers assisting to restore power? For god sakes we help every where else in the world, an all I am reading is what they can’t do, can’t get too etc….nothing regarding any assistance to positively get electric restored asap, very frustrating when you have family trapped in the dark an cold!

    • heather

      im with u. our esteemed governor only approved a measly 100 grand for relief.i bet he’s nice and toasty in his mansion right now

  • heather

    one lady i talked to yesterday, when i finally got through, bragged that they had more than the 450 extra crews og&e called in and yet many more who have og&e have power right now. if u can get through now all they do is place u on hold. what gives? call in more help. im almost out of fuel.

  • Thirsty n Frozen

    We were told here in southern sebastian co. that there arent many customers here and we are just not a priority. quote unquote… now we are without water too. can’t even get out of our driveways.

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