Roads Remain Ice-Covered In Fayetteville

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Authorities say road crews are working around the clock to clear ice from streets in Fayetteville, but the weather conditions are hindering their efforts.

"They are trying to stay caught up, but obviously as the roads are treated and re-freeze they have to go back and start from the beginning of some of the roads," said Corporal Mike Hammons.

Many of the main streets in the area have already been treated, but some smaller side streets are still waiting to be cleared.

"We can not get out of our neighborhood without going up or down a hill, so it is a little tricky," said Fayetteville Resident Larry Haden.

"Going down is dangerous as it is, but now it's like driving a giant sled," said Fayetteville Resident Faryl Boykin. "There are no brakes. You are just taking chances."

Officials say if trucks and plows can make it to residential and side streets they will, but getting equipment to small areas has not been easy.

"When you have a road that is dangerous and it's dangerous for the trucks and to treat the road it creates a hazard for the personnel," said Hammons.

For residents living along those ice-covered roads, they hope to see crews out there soon.

"Maybe you should spend some more time and money on the equipment to get out after the little roads too," said Boykin. "I understand maybe they don't have a lot of snow removal equipment here, but it's not good. It's just not good."