Areas of Scott County Still Without Power

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While the roads thaw out, power is still out for hundreds in the River Valley, especially in rural areas.

The Fisher family from Waldron  has been without power since Thursday (Dec. 5). Days later they say they are ready for the lights and heat to come back on.

“We drew up all the water we had,” said Charlotte Fisher.

The family said they have relied on burning wood to stay warm. They said they are using a generator, but have had to ration food.

"Candles and kerosene lamps, got all that,” she said.

People in the area said it's been difficult for power companies to get to them, especially with rugged road conditions.

"We figured it would be out for two weeks or three because there's a lot of timber down," said Gayland Fisher.

Gayland said with so many trees in their area, he`s seen multiple lines come crashing down daily.

Authorities said it’s unclear when power will be restored, but the family remains hopeful they will have electricity soon.

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