Road Director After Storm: “Sometimes You Just Lose The Battle”

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A road director in Benton County says last week’s winter storm overwhelmed crews, causing roads to still be slick nearly a week later, especially in rural areas.

“Sometimes you just lose the battle, and we lost it this time,” said Rick Hudson, Centerton road director. “The storm overwhelmed us, just like everyone else.”

Several inches of snow and freezing rain fell on Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley on Thursday and Friday, prompting schools to close and road crews to try to minimize crashes and travel difficulty. Schools remained closed Tuesday because of the slick road conditions.

“We were prepared two weeks ago. All equipment was ready,” Hudson said. “This was just an unusual winter storm.”

Despite the slow progress, Hudson said he expects most roadways to be “almost 100 percent” clear by Wednesday.

“It’s getting better,” he said.

The pavement on the interstate and highways are mostly clear in Washington County, but some rural roads further out remain slippery.

Residents in Prairie Grove say its upsetting to see some of the roads still in bad condition.

"If you don't know how to drive in bad conditions than I do not suggest getting on the road," said Trevor Hawkins.

"They are very dangerous," said Raylene Reed. "I don't think anyone should be out unless they just have too."

Reed has lived in Prairie Grove for 20 years and says she has avoided driving on city roads since the snow storm hit last Thursday.

"I'm scared to drive on the slick roads," said Reed. "I have had a few incidents in the past where I have slid off of the road."

Despite the road conditions, Prairie Grove is continuing garbage collection this week. City leaders called off trash collection last week after a garbage truck nearly rolled over while trying to avoid a head-on collision.

Click here for an updated list of school closings in the area.

Click here for a schedule of make-up days for Fayetteville and Bentonville.


  • Michael West

    It’s funny that hwy 412 was nearly clear and yet here in the roads have not been touched? I have not seen very many road trucks on the road at all, but out past Nob Hill and on towards Harrison, the roads are essentially clear. And, they were clear on Monday… Why can’t they do something about our roads here in town? Where are our road tax dollars at work?

  • Mark

    Of course you lose a battle when you bring a microphone to a snow storm.. Words don’t clear snow and ice – Plows and sand do!

  • Terri

    They have cleared the parking areas in downtown Rogers at least twice that I know of. The roads have not been touched. I would be embarrassed if I could not do my job any better than this. In fact, I would probably rethink my career path. Had to laugh this morning watching the plows working on the parking in front of the office again. Pathetic.

  • Dianna

    Benton County should be ashamed! There was no need to have a mess like this. Schools closed for 5 days and local businesses losing sales all because the roads weren’t cleared properly. The group in charge of the roads needs to go visit places like Chicago and Boston or even closer- McDonald County in MO, these places know how to remove snow and ice. Some streets that were plowed looked like the plow blade didn’t touch the ground- it just took off some of the top layer. I’ve lived in other cities that use rock salt or a beet solution for ice and it does a great job, why aren’t we using these types of products?

  • Rogers Parent

    I will say I appreciate all the crews hard works. I know they have worked hard and long hours. I do not blame them for the problems. The person in charge should have had a better plan. It is unfortunate that they couldn’t figure out how to fix this sooner, as the kids will have to make up for their mistakes. They will be in school a lot longer into the summer than they should have been. Rogers schools are still closed today, and they should have been able to clear the roads for them by now. I am very disappointed, and sad that it sounds like the director has given up saying we lost the battle. Hopefully he will instead take this as a learning experience and not allow this to happen again. We are due for a lot more snow this winter, and I hope he won’t cause more unnecessary school closings.

  • Marie smith

    Why no Salt on the roads and streets. Sand gives traction, Salt melts ice. Everywhere I have ever lived used a Salt and Sand Mix???? Right now we just have Sandy Ice. The excuses just don’t add up to results.

  • Mary Lou Shaddox

    I have lived in this area since 1960 and I have yet to see Arkansas address this issue. During this time it was always when you cross the Missouri/rkansas line Arkansas hasn’t done anything to their roads but just leave it up to Mother ature to fix the problem.

  • Mel Sams

    I was raised in Kansas and the Salt/Sand Mix always worked, but for some reason Arkansas using Chat(rock) to resolve a Ice problem. I think the Firing of ALL County Road Officials would be appropriate and also along with the County Judges. A shame and a disgrace now that they have to turn to Missouri and ask what to do !

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