Snow Days Bring Saturday School, Loss Of Holidays

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Some area students can look forward to Saturday school and a loss of holidays to make up for school days they missed because of the recent winter weather, according to local school districts.

The Bentonville School District on Tuesday released a list of school days that would be used to make up the days lost to the snow and ice that slowed area roadways. Those make-up school days include Jan. 20 (Martin Luther King, Jr., Day), Feb. 17 (Presidents’ Day), May 30 and June 2, according to a statement released by the school district.

"Our state has an expectation that you know they want quality for every kid, and they have an expectation that they want so many days in a calendar year for kids to be in school," Bentonville Schools Superintendent Michael Poore said. "They don't waiver from it and they expect us to get those days in."

The Fayetteville School District’s make-up days are scheduled for Jan. 25 (a Saturday), March 14 (a teacher inservice day), Feb. 8 (another Saturday) and April 4 (a parent-teacher conference day), according to a statement released by Fayetteville school officials.

"We had a Saturday in-session in 2011, and we had about an equal amount of complaints as we did people that said they thought it was great," Fayetteville Public Schools Spokesman Alan Wilbourn said. "Obviously it does interfere with various athletic leagues and those kind of things, but we had about a 20 percent absentee rate that particular day."

Most area schools have been closed since Thursday after several inches of snow fell, causing many roadways to become icy and difficult to travel.


  • Allison

    So thankful they made their decisions as they did! The safety of our children is far more important than any frustration over make-up days. “Thank you” to our school leaders for keeping our kids safe.

    • Linda

      By law, a certain number of days must be spent in school. The only reason that would be waived is if the reason for closing is considered a natural disaster lasting a certain amount of days. I heard 10 in a row, but not sure if that is true.

  • Jimmy

    I wonder how they handle Saturday school with mandatory legal parental visitation. If a parent lives out of town but has weekend visitation on the Saturday they schedule school, who is in violation? Does the child have to miss school, and be penalized for that; or do you penalize the parent and take away their visitation?

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