Suspected Driver Arrested After Man Killed In Hit-And-Run

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Fort Smith police have arrested a motorist they say struck and killed a man who was walking on Towson Avenue on Sunday.

Jeremy William Casey was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of negligent homicide and leaving the scene of an injury accident. He remained Tuesday night in the Sebastian County Detention Center on $15,000 bond, according to the Fort Smith Police Department.

Police said 48-year-old Richard Charles Cox was struck by Casey’s vehicle while he was walking in the 3000 block of Towson Avenue. Cox suffered fatal injuries and was dead by the time officers arrived at the scene, according to Fort Smith police.

A preliminary investigation showed Cox was walking northbound on Towson Avenue and was struck near the intersection with Boston Street, on the east side of the street, police said. A debris pattern left behind indicated Casey’s vehicle then fled north from the scene, police said.

Detectives received information Monday that Casey was driving the car that collided with Cox. After interviewing Casey, police obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect.


  • Britt

    I feel bad for the man who died it is a tragic situation…if you don’t know all the details maybe you should shut the hell up! Only God can judge!

    • Chace

      But some of us do know all the details so we can judge. What he did was wrong. He knew he hit someone and just kept going because he had a suspended license and thought he wouldnt get caught. He deserves whatever happens to him.

  • shelli hey

    Who cares if he was drunk or high he killed a man plain and simple so he will have his day in court he will also have his date in a higher court!

  • barn

    A friend was held on $50,000 bond because he was in the same vehicle with someone in possession of a hypodermic needle. This guy kills someone and gets $15,000 bond. That shows corruption in government and no common sense where bond amounts are concerned.

    • candy

      none of us know the truth none of us were there none of us can judge none of us have been in the same situation. there were other people in the vehicle as well who drove off just as he did. that make them know better they knew they had hit something all of them did. yes I should have stopped but they didn’t they panic all of them did all of them were drinking not just Jeremy Jeremy is a good person and I know this I know him heart to heart. and I know that if he noo he had hit someone he would have stopped. what he thinks he’s things are going to happen to them bad things happen to good people everyday and it could happen to you today tomorrow. none of us are to judge because we’ve never been there that’s never happened today as we weren’t in the vehicle we weren’t the person that got hit and we weren’t Jeremy so we all need to keep our f****** now shut.

  • candy

    please don’t tell lies when you weren’t there and you don’t know. specially when you only know what you’ve been told just like me. but what I do know for a fact from experience my own experiences bad things happen to good people everyday could be me could be you could be today could be tomorrow so don’t be so quick to judge

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