Trash Pickup Delayed In Springdale, Fayetteville

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Springdale and Fayetteville are delaying their trash pickup schedules, after winter weather brought snow and ice to the area’s roads.

The City of Springdale sent out a memo stating garbage pickup is being delayed by one day for each day’s scheduled pickup. Tuesday trash will be picked up by waste management workers Wednesday, and “this will continue throughout the week,” according to a statement released by the City of Springdale.

“It will end with Friday trash being picked up on Saturday, Dec. 14,” the statement reads.

Fayetteville also released a statement saying road conditions are unsafe for waste management workers, and trash pickup schedules would be reassessed Tuesday. As it stands, though, city officials suggested customers put garbage on their curbs in anticipation of their trash being picked up sometime this week, according to the city’s statement.

City workers will attempt to pick up all area garbage by Saturday, according to the City of Fayetteville.

The city’s statement is below:

  • Due to the continued extreme cold and refreezing of roads – the City of Fayetteville Solid Waste and Recycling Division will continue to suspend all residential solid waste, recycling and yard waste collections.  The Solid Waste Division will reassess streets on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 for a decision regarding resuming collections.  The City Solid Waste & Recycling Division asks all Citizens, whose weekly service schedule approaches to please set your containers out at the curb or designated service area, so that as service is resumed, the City Solid Waste & Recycling Division can service your containers.  The Division will attempt to service all residential customers by 4 pm Saturday December 14th, 2013.  If we are unable to complete all service or if service continues to be suspended so that all pick-ups cannot be conducted, citizens should set any extra bags of trash by their container, and the City will pick up these extra bags at no additional charge.  We want to thank the citizens in advance, for their patience and understand during this difficult service time.  Safety is our first priority, and with the weight of the Solid Waste Trash Trucks and the danger should the truck hit & damage an object as a result of loss of traction on ice, along with the safety of the Solid Waste and Recycling workers as their jobs require them to be outside and exposed to icy/cold conditions – the safety risk is too great for operations to be resume at this time.


  • teresa

    we recently moved to springdale in August & i have never been so disappointed in a city Road department as this one. The main roads were half cleared but impossible to get to from the side roads. I see that this city has plenty of money coming in but is is going into the wrong hands.

    • Shes Kabab

      by all means go back to where you came from… i am sure you left there `cause it was lovely , here things are done in a particular manner, if you don’t like it, get the hell back, i will bet you DO NOT contribute anything to this community.
      so in exchange, we do not give a hoot about your stupid opinions about where the money it`s or it`s not going.
      always the stupid maid that has to open her ocico…
      adios teresa te lo lavas y con el agua haces paletas wey.

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