Shoppers Go Local For Holidays

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Local shop owners in Fayetteville are amping up their efforts to bring in more shoppers before Christmas arrives.

Downtown Countdown has brought together more than 30 locally-owned stores together to give holiday shoppers a great deal. A receipt from one of the stores, earns 10 percent off at any other participating store in downtown Fayetteville.

"There's been a lot of people that have been coming in with that and I think the word is starting to get out, so we're picking up a little bit of momentum," Boyd Logan, co-owner of Shindig Paperie said.

Amy White owns Something Urban on Dickson Street. She said Downtown Countdown has been driving a lot of sales for local shops.

Multiple shopping days were lost because of the ice storm, but the temperature outside has been rising.

"It really, really started to pick up, we had a great day yesterday and after talking to a lot of the other businesses on Block Street, a lot of them also had really good days," Logan said. "I think people are starting to get out now and kind of get back in the shopping mood after being shut-in from the ice storm."

The ice storm slowed down preparations for Christmas for some shoppers.

"We got our Christmas tree yesterday and we would have gotten it last week if the storm hadn't hit," Tami Marks said. "We're definitely behind, I'm sure most people are, but it's kind of made me want to be more local and shop downtown."

To view a full list of participating shops, visit the Facebook page. Some stores will be offering extended hours until Christmas.