Suspect Accused of Shooting Husband Gets New Court Date

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Robin Phillips had her arraignment Wednesday (Dec. 18) at the Washington County Sheriff's Office. Phillips told the judge she hadn't decided if she wanted to be represented by a private attorney or a public defender.

The judge gave her a new court date for Jan. 8 to decide.

Phillips appeared for the first time in court Monday morning (Dec. 16). She's being held on a $250,000 bond on suspicion of first degree battery.

Police said Phillips shot her husband James in the face during an argument Nov. 29. According to the Springdale Police Department, Phillips then cut her own neck with a knife.

Phillips was arrested Friday (Dec. 13), days after she was released from the hospital.

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  • Steve

    So when does the victim (husband) get a free ad to raise money for his extensive medical bills? I’m sure they’re quite a bit more than her legal fees.

  • ......

    I would think a lawsuit be filed against her for his medical expenses, disruption to his work, emotional trauma and more. 15k for attorney fees? Come on now, most attorneys work with people and don’t expect it all at once but payments. Maybe the one that sent her gifts would be willing to help her out?

  • Steve

    What gifts has she received? Before or after the shooting? Almost sounds like motive if she was having an affair.

  • ......

    Before the shooting, she spoke of receiving a few different things, but can’t recall what they were. But it was an attorney she kept in close contact with. Everything out of her mouth are all lies though, the accusation of being abused, all lies, come on now i saw her all the time and there was never a sign of abuse.

  • Steve

    Her poor husband and son……how come none of the “news” are talking about her husband’s injuries or her son’s well being?

  • ......

    He’s a minor, so without her consent they cannot, he is not her sons real dad, so he cannot consent for his information to be in the media.

  • trisha

    First of all when your abused you don’t wear a sign saying Im abused. Most women will not show others that they are being abused and if you’ve never been abused please don’t judge. If she is lying than she deserves what she gets but no matter what the truth is no one should take matters into their own hands that why we have judges, lawyers and officers to do it for us. She is wrong for shooting her husband. No child should have to live in that kind of environment.

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