Cold Temperatures Bring Snow To NWA

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Snow began falling in Benton and Washington counties on Wednesday night, as temperatures started to plunge in the area.

Temperatures started the day in the 50s, but were forecasted to fall to the teens into Thursday morning. The possibility of snow accumulation for the area accompanied the falling temperatures.

While some were excited about the chance of winter weather, others are already tired of it.

Carolyn Cunningham lives in Fayetteville and enjoyed the outdoors on New Year’s Day, before the warm temperatures left the area.

“I went to Dillard’s, but I could not fight the crowd, so I went home,” she said. “But I did take a walk, and I enjoyed that.”

Audra Dreas said she took advantage of the good weather and retail sales Wednesday.

“There’s lots of sales going on, and I just wanted to get out one last time before the cold weather hits and take advantage of all the good bargains.”

Dreas said she plans to wear layers to stay warm Thursday.

“I have dogs I have to walk all the time, so I think dressing in layers is probably the best thing to do,” she said.

Cristal Martinez said she welcomes the winter weather, and wants the roads to ice over.

“When there is ice on the streets, me and my cousins like to go skating,” she said.

Springdale High School football player Deandre Murray said he is not looking forward to the cold temperatures.

“No, I do not like it at all,” he said. “I am probably not going to come out of the house.”

Cunningham, meanwhile, is hoping for some snow accumulation.

“I love winter. I love snow. I just love it, and I take my grandchildren for walks. If I can have them around, I can build snowmen,” she said. “All for snow.”