Police: Drunk Man On Dickson Street Ran Over Pedestrian, Hit 2 Cars

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Fayetteville police say a drunk man ran over a pedestrian and struck two vehicles New Year’s Eve after leaving the Hog Haus parking lot on Dickson Street.

Steven Hicks, 24, was arrested early Wednesday morning on suspicion of felony aggravated assault, leaving the scene of an injury accident, violating parole, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and failure to turn on lights. He remained Wednesday afternoon in the Washington County Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers saw a gray Dodge Caravan driving out of the Hog Haus brewery parking lot, when it accelerated rapidly and struck a taxi cab, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

After striking the taxi, the van pushed the cab several feet before driving north on West Avenue, police said. The van then collided with a second vehicle before continuing north, with its headlights off, while speeding, according to the preliminary report.

Eyewitnesses told police the van ran over a man in the parking lot. The alleged victim, who had ripped jeans and swelling to his left leg, told police Hicks, the driver, got into a fight at the location before getting into the van and driving off, the report states.

Officers later located the suspect on Martin Luther King Boulevard and arrested him, police said. Hicks denied hitting the pedestrian, but admitted to striking several vehicles, according to Fayetteville police.

Hicks failed a field sobriety test and was arrested by Fayetteville police.

"We get a bad reputation, because it's not the first person that has pulled in and out of Hog Haus parking lot and either come close to striking somebody or have struck someone," said Hog Haus Manager Julie Sill.

Sill said the parking lot is private and meant for employees only. She said it is not unusual for careless drivers to speed through her parking lot.

"If one comes empty at any given time, people think, oh my goodness, I found a spot," Sill said. "And they think it's free parking because there's no numbers, even though there are signs saying private parking only."

George Hudson said Dickson Street is often packed with pedestrians.

"It's an extremely lively atmosphere," Hudson said. "People are walking around all the time."

Bryan Dicks said the New Year Eve's incident could have been prevented.

"There's always taxis parked there," Dicks said. "If you are too drunk to drive home, you should not be driving. You should always come out with a plan and always come out and have some backup and have somebody there to take care of you."


  • bobreal

    Bet his MOM is Proud of Her Little Boy for NOT KILLING the person he hit or anyone..Now ONLY if The COURT will REVOLK his Drivers License FOR LIFE. Give him 90day to 1year in jail.

    • Sky

      His moms not proud of what he’s done but can’t fix it now what’s done is done all we can do is hope and pray that Steven has learned a lesson he was raised better than to act this way or at least I thought he was raised better.

  • marcus garrert

    I hope the judge throws the book at him n take his drivers licence for good ppl tht drunk should nt be behide the wheel they need to throw him n jail for a year then send him to prison for a long time n i hope he never drives again. Prayers are wit the person he hit i cant stand ppl who drink n drive it is dumb n stupid he could have killed somebody thats wh we have taxis

  • Kenny Cason

    I was there and saw the whole thing, to include the fight before he (and I and I think his friend got in a fight with another guy. Before he left the parking lot he intentionally swerved his car to the right towards about 4-5 people that were standing there and floored it, From my angle it looked like he hit more than one person. Or at least he definitely tried to hit many people. I was just happy I could catch his car before he left to get his license plate number…. crazy shit.

    • curious

      Was his friend with him in the van when he hit the pedestrian? Was his friend awake or passed out when all this happened?

  • alex

    liability? what are we so reliant on others that we cant take responsibility
    for our own actions any more? yes he messed up and now needs to pay the price for what he has done but it is his fault and only his fault for what he did. if anyone wants to go out and get drunk and drive home that is his or her choice to take the risk and pay the price, this country is having its freedoms taken away everyday and the people agree with every new law thinking it is for the better,wake up and take responsibility
    for your own actions and stop passing the blame off and taking away what little freedoms are left in what is supposed to be the land of the free.

  • Bill bob

    Screw who gave him the booze, any person who drinks knows not to drive. Media pounds it into our heads along with law enforcement constantly preaching to us to find a ride. Parents prepare growing kids to the dangers of drinking and driving and social groups have even come together to fight the bad decision through protests and their own attempts to educate. Given that the knowledge to not make such poor choices is surrounding us at all times means that it’s his own fault. Don’t blame the bars. It’s their job to give a good time and if some dillweed can’t handle himself then he needs to be kept far away from the bars. I get waaaaaaaaay trashed on Dickson all of the time. I get a ride home no problem. It’s easy. No one gets hit. Weird huh?

  • John

    If the bar served him after he was obviously intoxicated, then that business & bartender may be in violation of social host liability laws. What I find egregious is that people who text & drive or drive while tired don’t receive the same punishments as DWI offenders: are people not just as injured or dead? Where’s the outrage?. Why not just regulate results (rather than conduct) and treat the conduct as an aggravating factor if the result does in fact occur?

    • John

      Also, social host laws aren’t designed to protect the drunk driver or absolve the driver of responsibility of his actions; they are designed to protect the public from a foreseeable risk which bars and taverns create.

  • Sky

    Not to take up for Steven but I’m his sister whoever took Steven to Dickson street should have known better. Plus how the hell did he get the keys to the van cuz the van he drove was his cousins. I feel really bad for the person that got ran over and I pray to god that they are fine and I pray to god that the people in the other cars are fine. I hope Steven has learned a lesson. Never drink and drive it could have been a lot worse thank god it wasn’t.

  • Someone

    It could turn out like it did for me, a drunk driver killed my mom and severely injured a 24 year old mom and her kids as it pushed my mom’s car into on coming traffic this year. I hope no one has to walk up on that scene like I had to do. He kept saying “It was an accident, I only had a few drinks.” It was 6:30 pm my mom was going up to get dinner and bring it home to us, she never ever came home. And he got 5 yrs of probation. I got to never seeing my Mom ever again. Wanna drink and drive? Let me play you a video of what’s in my head and what I saw that night, how “fun” Christmas was this year, how you never get to hear your Mom’s voice ever again. No excuses for ruining someone’s life and walking away from it. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, and those that do kill people and walk away with a slap on the hand. I don’t have my mom forever, he is walking the streets.

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