Police Say Woman Admitted To Gasoline-Fueled House Fire

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The Fort Smith woman accused Wednesday of lighting a local home on fire with gasoline admitted to responding officers that she set the fire, according to a probable cause affidavit from authorities.

Patricia McMullin was arrested on suspicion of reckless burning. She remained Thursday without bond in the Sebastian County Detention Center. The suspect's arraignment is set for Jan. 6, according to a Sebastian County Sheriff's Office jail deputy.

The reporting officer said McMullin poured gasoline on the house at 1413 May Ave. before lighting it on fire, causing $30,000 worth of damage. No one was injured in the incident, and several puppies were saved from the home, Fire Chief Tery Graves told 5NEWS.

Police said the man living at the home is being questioned in connection with an assault case.

When police arrived at the scene, a woman identified as Jocelyn Barber told officers McMullin set the home on fire. An officer located the suspect a few houses down, when McMullin allegedly told police "I did it, set the house on fire...with a gas can," according to the probable cause affidavit.

McMullin was placed under arrest shortly after speaking with the officer.


  • O

    Looks like the house should have been bulldozed years ago, but I guess it’s a nice tax shelter for the local slumlords.

  • amanda

    wow! that’s sad that someone would burn down someone else’s house.. that’s absolute craziness! and to the person who commented above… some people cant afford to be in a nice house and have to take what they can afford.. apparently you have a nice home to go to every night after you get off work, but I bet the person who lived in this house busts their a** daily to pay their rent, utilities, and feed themselves and possibly kids.. no one knows the struggles of the next person so you honestly shouldn’t judge.. all I can say is i’m praying for the person who has no home to sleep in and lost their belongings including things that cant be replaced like pictures of family.. and I also pray for the anonymous person above that one day they will see that judging others is left up to the man upstairs!

    is there any donation stations set up?

    • Jessica Decker

      Well anyways i know the woman who did it. her name is Patty and her granddaughter told her that the man living there touched her inappropriately. the granddaughter is 4! so yea he probably deserved his house to be burned, i just feel bad for the belongings that the other ppl that lived there lost. so really you should know all the facts first. atleast she didn’t murder him like most ppl would if they found out their child or grandchild was molested. she is really a great person and friend.

      • Jessica Decker

        go ahead, donate clothes to a chomo…you only know what you seen on the news. i’ve known this lady for 3 years. and she wouldn’t do something like this for no reason. her GRANDDAUGHTER told her that the guy that lived there (her uncle) touched her. tell me how a 4 year old would even know about that if it didn’t happen?? oooh and he got charged with beastiality, so yea if my daughter told me that about someone like that, i would believe her! how can you just say not to believe me? i dont understand..why would i take her side if i didnt know her or know the whole story?? and maybe you should read the paper cause it explains a lot better than the news. smdh…

  • Carla

    The person whos home that is actually does not bust their a.. ans she actually beat her Grandmother into the hospital 2.5 months ago and her grandmother suffered a fractured spine, pelvic fractured and black bruises and all over her. The grandmother was life flighted to Houston and just got out of the hospital yesterday. Along with her beating her grandma her boyfriend and his friend helped and still no charges have been filed. However will be this week. I know the fam and the grandmother suffered major injuries at points doctors thought she would not make it. Karma always bites back…I dont feel sorry for them at all.

    • Shelby

      Let’s just say I know this family too!!! No the lady that set the house on fire did not beat her mother… The lady that set the house on fire told her daughter to use force to kick her mother out.. She encouraged the beating her mother took although she wasn’t the one that touched her, she showed no remorse!!!what a sad day this world has came too, the lady deserves years upon years in prison. She sells drugs to kids, including her own. She has been doing it for years and years and she is crazy n violent and really it’s about time karma caught up with her n she get to sit n prison and think about how she helped kids screw up their lives as well as her own life n the lives of her own children. Maybe n just maybe reach god since he is merciful n give her the awakening and cleansing she can’t get due to drugs an alcohol!!

  • 8track

    “She faces a felony charge of reckless burning.” Really?…I would think trying to burn down someone’s home would be called ARSON. This sounds like she was caught burning leaves. If it was a man doing this they would throw away the key and be charged with arson.

    At any rate she is a danger to the public and needs to be put away for a long time. Next time she “loses it” people could die.

  • AGT C

    Amanda I think O was putting down scum lords not people who rent from them.It’s sad scum lords take advantage of the poor.*8track I’m with you reckless burning? She used gasoline to set it on fire that wasn’t reckless that was intentional.

  • Carla

    To clarify things I didnt say she beat her mother I said grandmother. And yes I know patty had her daughter to use physical force to kick an elderly woman out. which happens to be patmothertys mom and cherieses..grandmother. There should be ah total of 4 arrest made in that case. There was another victim whom was pattys brotherr and cherieses unclle whom was badly assulted for simply trying to get his mother away from that home. Why arrest were not maade is beyond me…anyone else whould have gone to jadil and they werent arrested and this is what u got now. People who got away with beating a woman into the hospital for almost 3 months and a few surgeries and injuring another man. And got away with it. Now they singing burning down the house. The police told the man that got beat 4 trying to get his mom that they couldnt do anything because thhey could turn it around on him…WoW, but yep here u go nothing done and more trouble while they kick back somewhere with their kids drinking and smoking up pot in the presence of their young children. Way to do your job. I pray that Patty gets lots of years in prison as well as her daughter her boyfriend and his friend. Its called the justice system. Use it


    what does any of this stuff you people are saying have to do with the fact that the KIDS ARE IN NEED….. they need shoes clothes maybe a few toys. the lil boy 1 year old needs dipars and clothes really bad. the mother is currently working two jobs to try to support her children. I DONT CARE WHAT ANY OF YOU PEOPLE SAY SHE NEEDS HELP. you have ALL made mistakes in your lives. pray god doesnt see what you are doing here by judging other people. God forbid if this were to happen to you.If your house burned down and your family needed help would you want people to look at all the flaws in your life and say Na… they dont deserve help. EVERYONE deserves help at some point in their lives just remember that. maybe you would change your minds. now if you dont want to help or donate then mind your own business. and keep your rude comments to yourselves. These kids did nothing to you they are innocent. family matters are family matters. IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY DONT SAY ANY THING AT ALL. hypocrites

  • Lisa

    Thats right! this person needs help not insults. These kids need our help. If you are wanting to insult someone do it some where eles. This is here for good hearted people who truly dont care about others faults, we just want to help!

  • Helpers...thank you

    Thank you all who help the children currently attend bumble bee child care off Virginia ave in fort smith they are accepting donations for the family! Thank you helpers again…the family appreciates you all! God bless you all!


    You should all be ashamed of yourselves talking about god and judging someone in the same conversation. God sees all even you. everything happens for a reason and your right karma always bites back and it will to you as well please keep that in mind while you talk horribly about someone who is hurting. Way to kick someone while they are down. good to know you cant put your real names on here for fear of what others will say about you being an awful person. because no one named shelby or carla knows my family. God bless all you evil people who think you are better than any of us who love each other dearly. A love stronger than any of you could know. even tho we all mess up. WE LOVE OUR CRAZY MOTHER… she thought she was doing the right thing i dont care what anyone eles thinks. if a grown man ever accused of touching any lil girl in your family you would ”lose it” too. AND I BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO IS HELPING. WE LOVE YOU EVEN THO WE DONT KNOW YOU ALL!!!!!!

  • mjsta lowe

    A child malester deserves no home. he needs to be posted on the news so peopke can stay away from a monster like this

  • jocelyn barber

    That put us all out of a place me and my boyfriend have nowhere and she is a worthless dumb hoe she did it a fukkd up way so now me my man and tbe ppl up front have to pay i didnt do shyt to her granddaughter and thanls to her i have nowhere to live all our clothes where ruined by smoke

  • destiny joslin

    To all tha people that has something bad to say yu can all burn in he’ll y’all have no idea wat happend all y’all facts is WRONG and I’ve known this whole family my whole life and they are good people and Patty done wat she done in all good intentions… y’all obviously have no feelings and really shouldn’t comment and for tha people who lived behind them yall told Cherise that nothing of y’all was damaged so obviously yu just want attention… I will pray for my Patty puss and tha whole family!!!!

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