Fayetteville Drivers Anticipate Winter Road Conditions

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Road officials and drivers await the predicted winter storm to affect roads in Northwest Arkansas.

Fayetteville transportation division crews were brought Saturday (Jan. 4) at 8 p.m. to start watching the roads.

"At the first hint of any freezing occurring and try to get an early jump on it and see if we can get that to not attach at the surface nearly as strongly as it did last time," Terry Gulley, transportation services director, said.

Gulley said priority is put on big roads like College Avenue and a few roads that run east to west through the entire city.

"We will put out a lot of effort into those streets trying to maintain those connections," Gulley said. "If you can't get out across town and get anywhere once you get out, it doesn't do you any good to get out."

Fayetteville road crews used around 2,500 tons of sand and salt during early December's winter storm.