Winter Weather Returns to River Valley

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The River Valley saw its fair share of snow Sunday Morning (Jan 5). A mix of rain, sleet, and snow fell from the sky down on downtown Van Buren.

“Literally got up, looked out the window and go oh my God there`s snow on the ground,” driver Felicia Kaylork said.

Drivers battled chilly temperatures on their morning commute.

“The temperature really dropped fast and it`s still dropping,” driver Jim Green said.

As temperatures dropped and the snow stuck, some drivers said they’re not taking any chances.

Jins Sorensen placed four heavy tree trunks in the bed of his truck for a smooth commute.

“Just for traction,” Sorensen said.  “To get through in case something bad happens.”

Sorensen said the added security weighed more than 500 pounds.

With the 2013 brutal ice storm fresh on his mind, Green said he's got a plan in place.

“We need to move to Florida,” he said.