Local Anti-Drug Official Hid In Ex-Boyfriend’s Bathtub, Police Say

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A local alcohol and drug prevention associate was arrested in Fayetteville over the weekend after police say she broke into her ex-boyfriend’s home and hid in his bathtub.

Codi McCuistion, 30, was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of residential burglary, stalking, harassment and criminal mischief. She was released the same day from the Washington County Detention Center on $2,500 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

A man returned to his home Saturday on West Prospect Street and noticed a cell phone on a living room table. After searching the house, he found McCuistion, his ex-girlfriend, hiding in his bathtub, holding a camera that belonged to him, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

The man notified local authorities of the alleged home invasion, and police arrested the suspect the next day. Police said McCuistion had been warned of criminal trespass two other times, both last October.

Since those warnings, the suspect had gone to the man’s home uninvited two or three times while trying to speak with him, according to the preliminary report.

McCuistion is an associate for the Northwest Arkansas region’s Prevention Resource Center, a nonprofit organization with several offices around the state. Members of the organization regularly meet with schools and members of the community about avoiding drug and alcohol problems, according to the resource center’s website.

McCuistion is listed on the website and state documents as one of two contacts for the local nonprofit organization.


  • Traveler

    This girl is a train wreck. She is as goofy as they come. The thought that she is around impressionable children gives me the cold chills.

  • Matty

    I grew up with her from middle school to present day. She is actually very very attractive but the picture makes her seem completely different. Being beautiful she has always had her way with men and often played the off and on game with her boyfriends in some crazy attempt to keep them interested in her. It seems she met her match and he didn’t want to play her games; this getting rid of her and giving her the feeling of loss. In turn she turned into the person she usually attempts to make men into and caught a huge dose of her own medicine. My hats off to the guy for having a brain whoever he may be.

  • Ididnothinosiffer

    She most likely was…leads to trouble and disgrace in the end. When will these white women ever learn??

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