Blog: Petrino Hire By Louisville Baffling

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Louisville has answered the question of how far would they go to win football games.

For the second time in the last 11 years, Louisville is set to hire Bobby Petrino as their head football coach. If you look at Petrino’s resume, it’s not hard to argue why the move was made.

But a simple internet search of the coach’s name gives you plenty of reasons to question the hire.

Sure Bobby Petrino went 41-9 in his four seasons at Louisville from 2003-06. Sure he went 34-17 at Arkansas between the 2008-11 seasons. I can’t argue that Petrino has won games.

It’s what happens after Petrino leaves. That is what makes me wonder what the Louisville athletic director, Tom Jurich, is thinking.

The four years after Petrino left Louisville the first time, the Cardinals went 22-29 and never won more than seven games in a season. The two years since Petrino left Arkansas, the Razorbacks are 7-17. We don’t need to go over him quitting on the Atlanta Falcons to take the Arkansas job.

I’m not here to bash the man’s personal life. I couldn’t care less what he’s done. That’s not for me to judge. But it is for me to point out he has a track record of leaving programs in shambles.

Louisville will put a huge buyout in his contract to try to prevent Petrino from leaving for another job. Arkansas did the same thing. But, he always finds a way out. Petrino probably wasn’t planning on leaving Arkansas at the time of his motorcycle accident but it still happened. And he still got out.

Petrino is expected to be named the Louisville head coach on Thursday. It will be the 16th different employer since 1983.

I’m sure some fans are happy with the hire. Just don’t come crying when he leaves your program in shambles. Again.


  • 123

    he didn’t leave our program in shambles the powers that be fired him. i think they are the ones that need to be fired, just think about it, we kept houston nutt over gus malzahn and look how he is doing and we all know petrino is a hell of a coach. that was between him and his wife so we are getting exactly what we deserve now!!

    • Traveler

      Amen brother….preach it….I feel the same way. I felt that way when they fired him. I just want a winning season for once. I don’t care, if someone in power ends up with egg on their face and embarrassed. Go Hogs!!!

    • Voice of reason

      The problems with our football program comes from the egos and politics behind the scenes and decisions are made on personal basis that are not really the best for the players or the game and excuse after excuse is given but to be successful change needs to start at the core if the program and the people in charge of this because the ones who suffer because of it is the hard working players and the hogs fans that give there all year after year to a program that has all the resources and support behind them no reason Arkansas football should have had such bad seasons and record breaking bad seasons at that but until changes are made or people are replaced or attitudes and egos are left at the door will it? Just the same phrase comes to mind they will do better next season…

  • UR Moms Box

    The post above about Arkansas getting what we deserve is 100% right. The man was fired because someone was jealous and the baptist think they run the show…good job boys good job, glad we got rid of a winning coach for the bankruptcy king and the queen of can’t win a game! Maybe next time there is a winning coach running the program the administration will run the school and leave him alone. Petrino won games and didn’t do anything illegal so I say….good luck bro!

  • Randy Meadows

    Petrino is a scum bag. Sure you want to win, but keep some sel-respect. You don’t need it that badly. Louisville shows the lack of class their school/program has by re-hiring this clown.

  • Susan Brodie

    Petrino needed to be fired after doing what he did, but we need a coach like him, who knows the game of football & will discipline his players to get out there & win. I just hope that Coach Bielema & his staff can have at least a 6-6 season this year. It may take longer to rebuild the program after what happened, but we have to have players & coaches who compete & want to win, & not just go out there to have fun, or we won’t win anything. I like our offensive coodinator, I think he runs a more balanced offense except for the 4th qtr. sometimes, I don’t think we should just run & not pass, but our guys have got to do things the right way or they won’t win.

  • Sarah 1

    Louisville will regret hiring Petrino. Like a bad penny for sure.
    Be careful who you lay down with fans or you could stand up with fleas.
    A winning sports team should never be at the cost of integrity.

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