Woman Knocked Out After Slipping on Ice Still Cheery

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This week's icy weather has sent many to local emergency rooms.  One Van Buren woman was even knocked unconscious recently when she slipped on a patch of ice.

Candace Porter was injured after slipping on icy pavement this week. She owns Arkansas Cheer Academy, where she trains competitive cheerleaders.

"I was on my way to the car to start the day,” Porter said. “We thought it was just drizzling, didn't know it was frozen rain, and I slipped right on my back. I caught myself on the elbow, thought that was going to be the end of it, but was only the beginning."

Porter slammed her elbow and went to get help, but the pain was so excruciating, she blacked out and tumbled down her stairs.

"I was taken by ambulance,” she said. “They took me to Summit (Medical Center) in Van Buren and I was transferred to Sparks (Regional Medical Center in Fort Smith) for the chin operation."

Dr. Ryan Sullivan at Sparks Regional Medical Center said Porter’s injury is one of many similar ailments when the weather gets cold and ice emerges.

"We've seen a total of about 300 patients since the ice hit," Sullivan said. "We see a lot of wrist fractures, hip fractures, things like that---ankle sprains, a lot of closed head injuries."

Despite Porter’s injury and slick roads, she said nothing is going to stop her, especially with a big competition this weekend.

"That was the first thought going through my head as soon as I was going to the hospital,” she said.

As the show full of gravity-defying skills and powerful tumbling must go on, Porter expects to have her stitches out soon.

"Stitches, a couple ER visits and now we are here," she said.

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