Sheriff On Manhunt Suspect: “Consider Her A Threat”

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The Leflore County, Okla., Sheriff's Office is trying to track down a woman they say is armed and dangerous, and they need the public's help to find her.

"We got a pretty intense manhunt going on for her,” said Leflore County Sheriff Rob Seale. “Consider her a threat.”

Deputies said they tried to pull over Jozie Baugh on Saturday (Jan. 4) for a traffic stop. But instead of pulling over, authorities said she fled the scene.

“She's currently still on the loose,” Seale said.

Authorities said they took a call from a man who claims Baugh took his car at gunpoint with a pistol.

When they pursued the suspect a second time, deputies said she wrecked the car and took off on foot near Talihina, Okla. They believe she fled due to numerous outstanding warrants.

'Robbery with a dangerous weapon, eluding an officer, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, first degree burglary, kidnapping, grand larceny and several other previous felony warrants for possession of a stolen vehicle and various drug charges," Seale Said.

Those living locally said the news of the manhunt is alarming.

“This is a pretty tight-knit community,” said JR Griffith.

“No telling what they could do to an innocent bystander,” said Edward Williams.

The U.S. Marshals Service has joined the search.

“She`s a methamphetamine user,” Seale said. “So, she could be hanging around any places where she can get access to drugs.”

Anyone with information on the woman's whereabouts is encouraged to contact any local law enforcement.


  • WTHeck

    First time she got away, Shame on her, second time she get’s away….Shame on you Leflore County Sheriff’s office!! Guess she’s too slippery for you??

  • John

    Haha. Go girl, don’t let those Fayetteville cops find you (I left a previous comment denigrating the department for the Stiles assaults which was not posted so I’ll try this comment…

  • bob

    Leflore County Sheriff’s are crooked as can be! Bad county to be doing this shit in by the time they catch her I wouldn’t doubt if she doesn’t have mass murder chargers and bank robbery tacked on cause Leflore County you get arrested on one charge and slapped and sentenced on a totally bigger bogus charge so they can rob you on more $’s.

  • 8track

    Better get a posy together, she’s hold up down there in that Indian territory. Going to take a lot of Marshall’s to smoke her out. She’s put that meth in her arm to steal her brains. It’s gonna take someone with true grit to nab her.

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