Greenwood Mayor Resigns, Citing Medical Problems

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The Greenwood City Council has scheduled a special meeting at 2 p.m. on Tuesday (Jan. 14) to discuss the resignation letter submitted this week by Mayor Del Gabbard, said Sharla Derry, city clerk and treasurer.

The mayor submitted his resignation letter on Monday (Jan. 13), saying he owes that decision to his family because of medical problems and the toll the job has taken on him over the past two years. The resignation is effective immediately, he wrote.

"My only regret is that I will not be beside you to see our work through to an end," he wrote, identifying himself at the letter's conclusion as "private citizen."

He said the city has "turned a corner."

"I do believe that we have built a fiscal foundation upon which Greenwood can grow to new heights," he wrote.

The letter from Gabbard surprised many. A special meeting was held on his resignation. Gabbard did not attend.

Gary Campbell is a neighbor of Gabbard and a former Greenwood mayor.

"Had I been in those shoes I would have been a little more professional about it," Campbell said. "That's something I would owe the citizens."

The city said plans to hold a special election costing around $6,500 are in the making.

Councilman Jimmy Gossett will serve as interim mayor for the time being.

5NEWS asked Greenwood Police if there were any issues beside health concerns leading to the resignation. They said their office isn't investigating anything at this time.


  • MrMr

    The mayor’s job is a thankless job. Little money and a lot of headaches. Can’t really blame anyone for jumping ship.

  • Joe Schmuck

    this just in – with all common sense now removed from city hall, the city counsel will now move forward with the Shadow Lake annexation with little opposition. Maybe they’ll just add it to the mayoral election ballot, saving the taxpayers dollars.
    Small town politics…always a pleasure to follow.

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