Authorities Say Fifth Grader Made Gun Threat

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Police say a fifth-grader in Alma threatened to bring a gun to school in a text he sent to an 11-year-old girl.

A parent discovered the text and alerted school administrators, who said the student was sent home from school.

"This is a serious threat," said Patrick Sasser, the girl's father.

Sasser showed 5NEWS the text messages Sasser said his 11-year-old daughter received.

Sasser said he recently downloaded a phone application where he can track his daughter’s text messages. He found the messages Wednesday (Jan. 15).

Alma Intermediate School administrators said the boy was sent home. They checked his locker for anything dangerous, but found nothing. The boy’s parents said their son doesn't have access to a gun.

"We did have to give consequences to the student who made the comment in a text about hurting another child with a weapon," said Principal Jim Warnock.

Sasser said he is just thankful no one, including his daughter, was hurt.

"This could have prevented several people from being hurt, injured or killed,” Sasser said.

Sasser has turned off his daughter’s phone indefinitely.

The principal said school officials dealt swiftly with the situation.

"Anytime that parents bring a safety concern to us, we address it immediately, and so we investigated this incident," Warnock said.

Warnock said administrators will meet with the boy to decide on any further disciplinary action.


    • Fort smith

      I’ve heard kids as young as kindergarden talking about needing to find a boyfriend and going steady. Most parents find it funny but I do not see the humor in it all. I dispise child molesters but parents need to stop and think about letting their 5-8 year olds act like they are 16. It just fuels the fire. Everyone gets mad for people blaming the parents but that is where it starts. They need to get control of their kids lives.

    • Retired

      What did the parents of the boy do to discipline their son? Was his phone taken away? I don’t really understand why the girls phone was taken away.

      • Fort smith is a joke

        I think it was taken away because she did not say anything about the threat. It was only after the father viewed her texts and saw what was said. Parents need to be reading all of their childrens texts, facebook posts and pictures. You can go out and see girls posting very provocative pictures on facebook as you as 10 or 11 years old. The boys also like to post pictures with no shirt and then pants low enough you can almost see their private parts. If they will do this on a public forum what are they doing in private messages.

    • Retired

      The reason kids this age and younger have phones is the same reason adults have to have the best and newest of everything…Back in the day we called it, “Keeping up with the Joneses”. Many adults with children want to appear to other adults that they are very prosperous and a “wonderful” parent and maybe even the kids best friend???? and many try to show that by giving their kids the latest and the greatest of everything. Yes, it’s a sick sick thing and a sick sick world in which we live.

  • Becky Mcclain

    It’s easy to lay blame on the parents,society,generation,peer pressure,video games,apps like you tube,ect..It probably wasn’t just one of those reasons it was a compilation of everything in these kids environment that brings them to their choices/decisions,that allow them to follow them through.Times are ALOT more difficult/different now then”back in the day”basically we need to learn to be more diligent w/our families and friends and community that we live in and try to overcome the evils that are set before us.I commend the parent that actually showed some responsibility enough to check his child’s phone,also proud of the school officials for handling it promptly.There is hope for this world,we just have to have faith we can keep it as wholesome as possible.

    • Retired

      “Faith we can keep it as wholesome as possible”? That ship sailed with the “Back in the Day” parents who parented.

  • laurie

    I think the parent should have left the phone on thats the way he got this information in the first place. It could still be a help someone else talking to her about it. Not to mention its her life line if she needs help. Its been proven phones can save lives …they can be tracked and also can be used in emergencies to prevent something bad.

  • Britt

    He did not make a gun threat! He said he would kill the guy if he raped her! That is not a gun threat! Quit making stuff up!

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