Campus Rape Investigation Hits Close to Home For Parents

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Parents at Frank Tillery Elementary School are reacting to a campus rape investigation being re-opened after 17 years. A teacher, who no longer works there, told police she was assaulted while at school one Sunday.

"I felt bad for her," said Peggy Jaquet, whose daughter attends school at Frank Tillery.

The Rogers School District released a statement:

"Our hearts and support have always been with our staff member and we hope the case can be resolved," the statement reads.  "When it happened more than 16 years ago, the incident raised our safety consciousness even further as a district, and it has had a long-lasting impact on security and access to buildings."

Teachers now have a buddy system and the school district installed high-tech locks.

Police said the teacher was prepping for the school week on a Sunday while 250 people were having a church service at the cafeteria. On her way to the restroom she was raped at gunpoint, according to police.

"It's really scary cause you don`t know who`s walking in there," Jaquet said.

Police released a sketch of the suspect to see if anyone recognizes him. Police said the suspect has reddish blonde hair, is between 5 foot 6 to 5 foot 9 and his left hand may have a twitch.

"I don't recall hearing about it when it happened and I just saw it recently and I was shocked that something like that would happen in this community," said Edmund Carpenter, dad.

According to the school district, churches can only rent space for special event and aren't allowed to hold regular services at the schools. That police change was made several years after the incident.

If anyone has any information, call the Northwest Arkansas Crimestoppers at 790-TIPS.

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