Suspect Ingests Meth While In The Backseat Of Cruiser

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The Washington County Sheriff’s Office tells 5NEWS that during an arrest Saturday morning (Jan. 18)  a suspect ingested an unknown amount of meth.
Thomas Jetton, 24, was arrested for a breaking-and-entering case in December.
DNA evidence linked Jetton to the crime, investigators said.
Deputies say when he was in the back seat of a cruiser, authorities noticed Jetton  ingesting meth.
Thomas was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence and driving on a suspended license. Jetton will have a court date soon in Washington County Circuit Court.


  • jeffery edwards

    How can they charge him with meth if he already swollowed what they THINK was meth it could have been ANYTHING a piece of candy ect.. i’m just saying I believe in the law but that would be a unlawful under my book

    • eyeswideopen

      The police can drug test him (blood test) and if he has Meth in his system then he’s in possession of Meth. Just like having alcohol in your system at a DWI check point. Your book needs updating Jeffery.

  • bobreal

    the NUT tried to commit suicide..
    You shoulld of just let him..
    Now the tax payers has two Bills to pay for him;
    One his Doctor and Two housing him while he is in Your jail..

    • Mark Smith

      Get real Bob. Shall we apply the same amount of consideration to you and your situation? Most addicts will recover if they hit bottom and become productive members of society. It’s the calous backwards thinking you display that drives many people in the area to drugs.

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