School Administrators To Approach Lawmakers For Flexibility

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Superintendents in Northwest Arkansas plan to speak with legislators to make it easier for districts to make up snow days.

Michael Poore, superintendent with the Bentonville School District, has been at the forefront of the possible petition.

"This year we've had significant weather," Poore said. "It would be nice if we had flexibility to petition the state to say, let us add on minutes to our instructional day, because 20 minutes each day start to add up."

Poore said the issue is focused to the Northwest Arkansas region and getting the state on board could be hard.

"We've got to have the whole state recognize that we've got to create the flexibility when they don't necessarily see these issues, they don't have these types of snow events," Poore said.

A Bentonville student's parent, Jill Donahoe, said she doesn't mind that kids have to be in class longer, but likes the idea of extended days.

Students have end-of-the-year assessment exams to take in April and May, according to school administrators. Tacking the missed days onto the end makes it more difficult for teachers to get students prepared because the prep-days were lost.

"I think the Bentonville teachers are all so good that they'll be OK," Donahoe said.

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